Watch Thread Already


Well, at least it’d be easy to find you if you ever got lost.

You can probably see that thing from the moon.


speaking of the moon


kind of feel like getting a swatch





I think this is The Watch Ive been looking for, it even comes in floral print (tacky floral and animal prints and camo used to be a big thing for me)


G-Shock aesthetics are so strong.


oh these are beautiful




see if i were rich i could buy these things before they sold out months ago and i wouldnt have to cry myself to sleep every night
why must u taunt me so,…


watches own now congrats everyone


looks like a richard mille


im in thailand and i bought this for a dollar because why the heck not


I sorta don’t hate this


I really like my DW-5600E hockey puck aside from the resin strap. Anyone itt have experience with alternatives?


you can get some NATO strap adapters iirc and have the world as your oyster


Still looking good folks

Edit: realized I haven’t posted since I got this strap. This is a RIOS1931 Sailor, pass-thru braided nylon in black. I’ve really come around to perlon and braided nylon for the summers here - light weight and you can micro adjust the strap when your wrist swells. I haven’t taken the Orion off this strap in months.


This is sth i’ve actually realized as well (re wristband fitting better in summer) - my seiko 5 doesn’t sound like a rattlesnake when i move my arm, so that’s good in my book.

Still on the fence whether i should really get a gs seiko!



These look so cool but I fear the resin will yellow after a while ruining the aesthetic :frowning: