Watch Thread Already


wonder what those suckers retail at

the square one is lookin gewd :v



#1 angel repping the g shock lately


$220 USD for the square one :cry:


I meannnn. Maybe I’d do it.


I dont have the wrist for these big pilots but damn they pretty


oh wow geckota stepped it up

eta 2824-2, 36.5mm is such a good size for me. not that i want to spend $500 on this lol


Wow my mum gave me this watch as a thank you gift for going to her wedding? I don’t need a thank you gift for that of course I would go??? But anyway wow cool I have like a real watch now


I got the white square one as a gift from my brother for christmas, which was really considerate especially given that we only talk when we see each other twice or maybe three times a year. Did not expect him to pick up on my interest in digital watches.

I got the g shock a few days ago, it has a moon phase tracker ahhhhh I’m the demifiend now.


Make sure to also read part 2.
That’s the kind of dedication you would want for a lot of things you use…


this was like…$10 but it’s cute and i like it

i might be wearing it upside-down, and therefore have set the time upside-down


you are wearing it upside down, but that does not matter.

also, the watch you like is the best watch.


I inherited a very nice watch recently. It feels weird to be wearing it for several reasons. It was on a steel bracelet, but I put it on this suede strap so it’s maybe less ostentatious?


!! beautiful wave dial seamaster, those were such a good model. the bond watch actually, for pierce brosnan. quartz or mechanical?

steel bracelet sports watch is A Look but might be a bit aggro depending on your personality. dive watch on leather is delightfully at odds with itself


it’s a quartz! which honestly I prefer bc I am bad about wearing/winding things consistently.

I feel like the steel bracelet is “correct” but I have small wrists and it just looks like so much metal. I’ll probably get a perlon or nato when it’s warmer?


kind digging that design$datafeed_main$

at the moment, if only it were an automatic watch…


perlons are OP
official Eulit perlon vs braided nylon is slightly different, but it’s mostly relevant if it gets wet