Watch Thread Already


now that’s a dang square watch (cartier santos dumont 30mm)




nomos is so smart with their new watches

e: it’s currently baselworld 2017 which is like E3 but for watches


baselworld 2017 is lit


I love the Rolex Yachtmaster 2 (famously worn by Lil Yachty)


regatta timer is the best gauche complication

also, diamond ass datejust


Only watch I own is this $10 one from bottom tier aussie jewelry store Lovisa. It’s a mirror! Then you press the button and it’s a watch for a few seconds! It’s also available with a black band


today i read this for the second time and finally understood the bit at the end about the ‘magic lever’ winding system. cool thing that winds the watch no matter which way the rotor spins


aw sick! how much do movements differ anyway? like, within their ‘categories’ or w/e


they vary a lot – the main ‘off the shelf’ ones are ETA, Sellita, Miyota, which you will see in a lot of brands
it’s the sign of a big manufacture to have their movements developed in-house. usually signifies a more expensive watch or a big-name brand

i’m not really a movement geek yet but i like reading about their features. like how the seiko 7s26 (above) uses a bunch of plastic parts and various utilitarian engineering solutions to keep costs low and improve durability

spring drive is the coolest imo. mechanical movement but the gears are regulated by an electromagnetic brake wired to a quartz crystal. perfectly smooth and accurate second hand


oh yeah there’s a big nerd wiki for this i’ve been meaning to check out



what t heck this is a calendar. the little arrow shows the month. there’s a leap year indicator on the back


o fuck this arabic dial cartier tank cintree

goddamn… it speaks 2 me…

it hurts me that this is not only the typical price of a luxury watch, but also an insanely rare version of a rare model to begin with… i’m guessing this watch is worth more than my lifetime high net worth


this owns so hard




more like perpetual spelunker!!!


I dig this but it’s maybe the size of the moon?!

could be that’s just a baby’s wrist idk


shrug you are such a meaty man, clearly that gardensnake wrist can’t hold a literal candle next to your tree trunk of a forearm


OK I looked it up and it’s about the same size as my seiko solar so uh yeah I guess it is a baby’s wrist after all


ya if the arrow points to 1 o’clock it’s january, etc. crazy

that aevig is cool, looks like a marathon but cheaper and more nordic

tritium tho :eyes:


the automatic tho