Watch Thread Already


yeah i don’t own and would not wear black shoes except for

  • black tie
  • funeral

brown roolz
esp because you can do a looot with the different shades


I used to have brown shoes & belt as well as black but they got busted and, like, I just couldn’t be bothered to buy new ones. Less thinking in the morning is good. It’s already hard enough to decide suit + shirt + tie


alden color 8 i’m glad for

any actual brown goes nowhere near my feet ever


I think this is my ‘at home’ watch now. Cotton shirt and sweatpants, comfy


Also I found the best watch nerd Mickey Mouse watch


found my old stainless steel buddy in a drawer. looks pretty good! sadly he’s dead


Kinda want a cheap, gaudy Casio digital watch now. Thanks, thread.


had one of these trashlords on my wrist for years


New strap city


so shiny :dizzy_face:


That middle pair are Florsheims, right?

Man, I instantly recognized the broguing, because I’ve been wearing the black version of that shoe nearly every day for the last decade!

Like I said in another thread: I’ve kind of stumbled into being one of those nerds who wears the same thing every day, except I actually try to make it look good.

Anyway, Florsheims have mostly gone downhill in the last 60 years, but they can be had slightly used for pretty cheap on eBay, and the ones without rubber forefoots have decent construction. Though the heel might still contain cardboard; I can’t remember.


yeah florsheims

i have the last pair actually, johnston and murphy, 40 bux secondhand from grailed




Yeeee, bring on them hockey pucks



seeing Nomos being mentioned anywhere often makes me feel a bit guilty inside.
Since I’m rocking those Seikos, I kinda feel like I’m cheating on fellow watchmaker ppl here, which is a weird thing to think considering that I’ve been driving almost exclusively french cars (sacre bleu!) for 10+ years by now, and never felt guilty for a moment there.

But those Seikos, they just got it so damn right there …

will now wear my (faux) Braun DW30 a.k.a HD remaster edition this evening when watching Kong Island, because I’m such a badass cheapo-normal-watch-person.


i’ve definitely been lurking nomos’ website for a while… such a cool company


should we move this to input so it sticks around a la the lego thread

this bracelet is $100 from yobokies but it looks so dang cool

like dam… that some terminator shit

(also that SKX007 dial/hands/bezel mod is dope)


I would but can’t figure it out and I’m afraid of fucking it up :<


looks so nice, but w/ my wrist-size, would end up looking like this