UT2004 WAN Party - June 25

Thinking of having a casual UT2004 night on 2022-06-25T23:00:00Z2022-06-26T01:00:00Z, anyone down?


is the gog version I pirated going to work for this

uhhh if the cdkey isn’t banned, probably

I will join if the weather is bad then

That is pretty much the only time this month that I can’t :frowning:

seems to work fine

If it there’s enough interest, I want to do these monthly-ish

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I’m in!

I’m interested.

ooh if i’m up that early and can install it on something

I’m down to clown, thank you for organizing this!

sounds fun, I’m in!

I’ve never played UT2004 before, but I’m interested in this.

I didn’t forget, this is still happening!

I’ve got a shortlist of UT2004 servers accommodating 16+ players on standby, and I’ll be dropping by the thread in the hour before the “official” start time with a link to it so everyone can join the right place.

If people like it and want it to become a more regular thing, I’ll look into spinning up my own server for these, but I figure this is probably fine for the first one.

See you Saturday!


I’m gonna miss this, just booked pool tickets for then bc it’s supposed to be gorgeous

please re run this when it’s colder out

Pocket pool tickets


I’m hyped about getting my ass kicked.

Quake 1 was double heart breaking because I consider myself pretty good at that, and I didn’t realize my mic wasn’t configured right until the very end so I thought everyone was totally ignoring me all night. Hopefully I can at least remedy the latter this time.


The PC Gaming Wiki has a pretty complete page explaining how to enable widescreen resolutions or wider FOV if you’re interested in that.

Also, if you are planning to use the GOG version of the game for this, you may need to contact GOG support for a CD key to be able to play online, as it doesn’t appear to come with one by default.

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I can seemingly see and connect to servers in the browser with the gog version I didn’t pay for

just realised I can probably play this on my PowerBook G4 for real 2004 vibes :thinking: