Twin Peaks


I am no YouTube expert but I am guessing not.

I found a link to a torrent that lists a transfer of the Laserdisc, (or perhaps a LD->VHS->DVD transfer if forum post speculation is accurate) but it is dead.

The pix are from a current eBay auction for a cool hundred fifty smackers.

The dude’s channel has a bunch of other cool Dave vidz, nothing posted in the last couple years but maybe he’d respond to a message.


I have an update from some guy’s twitter:



Y’all should I buy this and try to make a clean transfer?

We could subtitle the captions!


I was pretty close to pricing a copy. Gotta keep my laserdisc player well fed!



Pamela Gidley, who played Teresa Banks, passed away the other day.

I’m already missing not being able to tune in to the adventures of Dougie Jones at Lucky 7 Insurance this summer


Three Demos is a very unique release, featuring the very first demo recordings for songs from Julee Cruise’s initial LP with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, Floating Into the Night.

These early versions are fascinating glimpses into the genesis of what became Floating Into the Night and the minimal key ingredients that made the material alchemize. An early version of the album opener “Floating” originally began with a stunning spoken-word intro later dropped entirely from the album version. A revelation in their overarching simplicity, the three-song collection is devoid of the LP’s additional arrangement flourishes, and yet still manages to present the same emotional depth charge with only voice, synthesizer and lyric.

A deluxe reissue of Julee Cruise’s second album ‘The Voice of Love’ is also available via Sacred Bones Records, exclusively on 2xLP and CD. Order at

releases August 17, 2018





Apropos of little, does anyone know why McGill retired from acting (Peaks 3 excluded)? I mean he owns


I don’t know but I’ve always thought if you could feed the tom waits song “the pontiac” with big ed hurley into a machine together it could then spit out a duplicate of my grandpa, the only sane and decent member of my entire family tree


my favorite twin peaks theory


Word to the wise here, the previously locked first/last videos of the Twin Peaks Visual Soundtrack playlist on Youtube are unlocked currently.

I downloaded them with the youtube-dl open source command line tool with the -bestvideo+bestaudio option and threw them up on Drive in case any go down again in the near future.

Gonna get that projector cooking once it gets dark tonight.



FYI I bought the laserdisc and I’m gonna send it to Laurelsoup for a better transfer when it finally arrives.


Highly dope, my dude.




i like it

oh my