Twin Peaks


This sounds amazing and I want to watch it all and wish I actually would.


This is most interesting to me, because I remember hearing about how Fenn was pissed and once we saw her, everyone thought it was because her scenes were so “weird.” It’s actually good to know this is what she wanted.


I’m going to suppose Fenn’s behaviour was the model for Charlie and Lynch’s was Audrey






it’s kind of boggling how terrible the special features shot by the dude involved with The Art Life are? like papyrus title cards and low-rent herzog voice-overs and the whole deal



I finished watching the new series last night. I sure was impressed. I had avoided spoilers, other than having heard that a few particular characters were or were not present (probably by skimming this thread).

Most of what I could think to mention has likely already been said in this thread, but I will say that one of my very favorite moments is when Bobby walks over to try to convince the woman to stop honking her car horn after the accidental shooting. I love it when a scene seems to be winding down but then throws something else at you like that. Another example of this is the well scene in Terry Gilliam’s The Brother’s Grimm (a film that’s otherwise not so great).

And I’m sure I don’t even need to say how much I enjoyed the episode where, after the title sequence, there is almost nothing but a bunch of surreal/artsy imagery (though imagery significant to the story).

I appreciate that in the final episode when it seems as if things are about to be wrapped up a little too neatly, everything falls apart. I guess Cooper is trapped in yet another alternate dimension now. I’m not sure what I think of Cooper going back in time and preventing Laura Palmer’s death in the “real” world, though, if that’s actually what happened.


I like this one especially.



I picked up the newish Criterion release of Fire Walk With Me last night to show to a friend who had never seen it. The audio mix is still pretty weird—you have to crank it to hear a lot of the dialog. However they did add hard subs for the Welcome to Canada scene which the last Blu-Ray release lacked.

Haven’t checked out Missing Pieces yet, but the trailer for it looks incredible.





I found it a bit off; they didn’t have a specific enough target and the Lynch impression would be greatly improved if they played the voice samples at 8-bit computer quality


I was looking up a few of the musicians who played in the new Twin Peaks the other night. One that I particularly like is Au Revoir Simone. (The name is based on that line in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.)

While some of their other songs are little more pop-oriented and less ethereal than the two songs in Twin Peaks (both of which are on their album titled The Bird of Music), I like that they stick to their vintage synthesizers and drum machines.


forgot about this picture I had of the car in front of the palmer house



created with just the in-game tools on console?




is there anyway around the block on the first and last videos