Twin Peaks



weird thing i noticed this morning: here is terry crews (!!!) in INLAND EMPIRE with his arm around nae yuuki, aka naido from season 3.


David used a small prosumer camera to shoot Inland Empire and cameras of that size have gotten much better over the years, and people are now shooting with all sorts of things, including iPhones. Honestly, [laughs] if David could’ve, he might’ve shot Twin Peaks on an iPhone. But there was a lot of discussion about shooting with DSLRs, or a Canon C300, or something like that, but a couple factors weighed against that. One was the amount of visual effects that were going to be done for the show. It wasn’t a massive visual effects project, but there were enough. And if you want to make them photoreal and you want them good, you can’t use a rolling shutter camera — that’s just a nightmare for visual effects people. So, that was one factor. And the other was we had to deliver, I think contractually, a native 4K finished product to Showtime, or certainly close to that neighborhood. So we ended up shooting with Arri Amira, which records 3.2K, and then we upresed for the final deliver. Honestly, that resolution, 3.2K, is pretty high-quality. It’s the same sensor as the Alexa; you’re not recording Arriraw, but ProRes. And I’ve seen a few episodes projected and the footage holds up well. So, we gravitated toward that, tested a bunch of cameras, and the Amira would’ve been my choice just given the fact that I had lot of experience with the Alexa, and I thought that its image was the most film-like. After we watched the test footage and talked with our colorist, George Koran, David was in agreement with that, so we went with Arri.




meanwhile at AAA-co I can’t find anyone to talk about Twin Peaks to. Maybe 10% of the studio cared

poor taste will kill videogames


for some reason I was working on the assumption that KJP would have like instagram plant beanbag chair offices just burning through the cash with expensive coffee machines or whatever but now i can’t stop thinking about all of these guys filing into another one of these hideo pep rallies and being forced to compete in his trivia questionnaire for company schwag



Bwahaha, I can just see “Hideo’s movie trivia night”

He MCs but then takes his hat off, sits down, and tries to answer every question MC Kojima just asked


It’s the best that you say “will” here.



I’m reading a brand-new IP bible. The setting is described as a cross between Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Marvel. So, uh, popular, then.

And the person who wrote it is one of those who actually does watch interesting things!


Well yeah, they might watch interesting things, but they also know what sells, sadly.


That position (responsibility for a $150m+ budget) is a straightjacket to clear thinking. I can’t say I’d be better but I can say I’d be crazy to want it.


That sounds so shitty. Tell them a really cool guy online thinks they’re brewing some bullshit.


none of this would of happened if hawk was the main character


I’m so happy how much Hawk anchored Season 3. In the originals, he was half of a grounding connection to land-based mystic elements and half an exposition dump. I think his character is supposed to prefer the background but it’s tricky to maintain that without actually backgrounding him.

In Season 3, he drives events just not always at the station; he’s far more central while still seeming to prefer being an unassuming deputy.



Been waiting for this thing for forever



I’ll log on and never log back out


Wow, is this a tie-in promotional bob that’s over a year late, or something substantial? The press release has a lot of ambiguous language about ‘exploring locations’ that could just refer to phone-VR-style 360 scenes.