Twin Peaks


don’t know if you heard but the log lady catherine coulson passed away recently. also it looks like michael ontkean, aka Sheriff Harry S. Truman, Is not going to be coming back. I kind of figured that might happen but I’m still really bummed out about it. he was like half the show. sounds like they’re replacing him with robert forster, who seems perfect for a twin peaks sheriff, but still. it’s not clear if he’s a new character or truman. truman just disappearing doesn’t seem right. I guess it’s been long enough it could be a different actor, I don’t know.

I’m trying to steer clear of any news cause I want to go into it knowing as little as possible, I don’t think I even want to see a still frame from a youtube embed of a trailer. but I’m glad I at least found this out so I could have time to prepare.


I was kind of hoping they’d cast Patrick Duffy as the new Truman and turn the winks at Dallas into a blink.


This is probably more than I want to know about Michael Ontkean not coming back, but at least I won’t be surprised when I watch it?

The most beautiful thing about Twin Peaks might’ve been the relationship between Coop and Truman. So this is a bummer.

I hope the revival of the show has some of the weird joy, especially in Cooper’s character, that made the first X episodes of the show so incredible.


hope duchovny is back


I hope every 90’s character actor from Vancouver returns, along with the new stable of Vancouver faces that I’m sure I would recognize if I watched current lower-middle-brow TV.


I don’t think we last saw Coops in a very joyous state. I’m excited for the revival, but without his bizarrely upbeat attitude, I fear one of the main draws of the show will be missing.


I hope Chris Isaak is back


Or Bowie!


When Leland is possessed by BOB he’s a little weird and out-of-character but not clearly evil in day to day life. I could see the horror coming from Coop eating pie and dishing out cheery aphorisms by day and murdering up the town by night.


That would work!

Apparently this Robert Foster dude who’s playing the new sheriff was in Muhulland Drive and the Black Hole, but I can’t place him at all.


You might know him as Max Cherry in Jackie Brown. He’ll fit in pretty well as a Truman-like.


Oh! I’ll take it.


He has maybe 2 miinutes in Mulholland Drive, he’s one of the cops checking the accident scene.


I love that guy. I am okay with him as Sheriff.


robert forster fucking rules i’m fucking psyched


Just finished a second viewing of Twin Peaks recently, and my feelings about it remain relatively unchanged since my first viewing. Still absolutely floored by the final episode, still hated about half of season 2.

I think it’s still a genuinely refreshing show, maybe even more so now than it was in the early 90s. I hope the new season retains some of the soapy qualities of the first two - I reckon it could be a really welcome change from current “high concept” tv, which seems to be increasingly reliant on a set of standardized tropes (i.e. melancholic, middle-aged white men trying to resolve their relationships with their fathers, etc).



I’ve been to one of their meetings!



Now no one’s going to talk about Judy


Actually watched Fire Walk With Me last night. Bowie’s scene was emotional. Was hoping he would return for the new season.