Twin Peaks


Mark Frost confirms X-Files as TP canon.

Maddy never comes to town:



I wasn’t able to go to kiana lodge, which was the martell place and great northern interiors and of course has the laura log out back. kind of an important twin peaks place but those washington state gas prices were killing me, and you got to go way the fuck down around through tacoma or take a ferry. something for a return visit. and when I was at olallie state park I forgot to take a picture of the ranger cabin which was the deer meadow sheriff station. right after I got in to north bend the wind started blowing like crazy so the weather was perfect the whole time.

they put up a permanent twin peaks sign here this summer and it was immediately vandalized twice so they took it down

wow its just like in my favorite game dirt 4

I’m just a dirt 4 fan here to look around

what’s left of the packard mill

ronette’s bridge

the old big ed gas farm and hurley house next door


the bookhouse is all fenced off now

there’s nothing like eating in the double r and being served by a waiter who thought the show was “weird” and “didn’t get it” and mistakenly describes the season 2 premier as the first episode

the leo johnson house. had privacy and no trespassing signs out the wazoo so I just did a drive by

the log

james was always cool

the new big ed gas farm, which before season 3 was sometimes mistakenly listed as the old one on some maps

hap’s diner

wouldn’t it have been neat if I got ran over while standing in this street taking pictures

the red diamond motel in fwwm/the dutchman’s in the return. I tried but wasn’t able to get room 8 unfortunately, or 6, teresa banks room, which still has an entire fake wall in it david lynch made himself that you barely even see in the movie. I got room 4. the owner was cool and told me a story about the mustang that’s in the parking lot in fwwm, though she didn’t own the place at the time. she hadn’t watched the return yet and wanted to know what the deal was with room 8. it was harder to explain that I might have imagined

great northern

the new fat trout trailer park

elk’s point #9 bar, zero tolerance harassment policy

the bridge we see for half a second when coop is entering town with carrie page, and when coop and harry follow donna and james in the pilot

yeah, I got the deleted scene gazebo

olallie state park is where all the woods scenes come from. bobby and laura’s drug deal, coop talking in his tape recorder at the river after desmond disappears, the drone shots in the return. they got a lot of mileage out of a not that big of an area

on the left there is part of the tree that one hideous kid blows his brains out at. I also noticed a lot of people who looked exactly like mark frosts character there with the dog walking around north bend and snoqualmie. I think the tree on the right might be the one laura is sitting next to when coop time travels back to her but I’m not sure

I took some dirt from jack rabbits palace that’s currently sitting in a to-go box from twede’s cafe.

it’s 2:53 fellas

the hayward house

the house

[normal not crying voice] and someone took these photos in the tree house on the last day of the selectbutton meetup


tag urself im albert


Jo belushi.

The food at the Double R is really good.


I’m james hurley


Albert in 1989 writing ‘trigger warning’ ironically was like the most flagrant anachronism and made me not want to read any more




So which one of these books, if any, are worth reading? I keep seeing The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer going for cheap.


Secret history is fun. Read with 3d glasses


Maybe just stick with that one.


Damn! just remembered harry dean stanton’s parkbench he takes a rest on. should of went looking for that.



I hadn’t clicked on this thread in a bit but holy shit Parker



Scooby Doo, your life is in danger. I am of the Annunaki.


my blu-ray discs from horse shit amazon haven’t even shipped yet fuck




unless your really into this sort of thing I would recommend not watching the special features just because they’re so extensive, they show practically everything in the show being made. I’m surprised it exists at all since lynch is big on not giving the magic away.

some of the interesting things I noticed though:

when cooper runs into the sheriff station, kyle asks how he should respond to andy being there and lynch says that no time has passed for cooper.

there was a scene filmed with the fireman in the red room, saying “do you remember?”

after “I’m dead yet I live” laura had the line “you see me alive” before taking her face off.

audrey had a line “I’m flying but I’m not on drugs” which is another similarity with her stuff to one of the scenes with random kids in the roadhouse.

Sherilyn fenn got in a fight with lynch over her scenes and so he wrote all her scenes that are in the show for her now. Before it was going to be something about her just owning a hair salon and richard having a scene with her like the one with his grandma now. she jokes with lynch that he wrote her dialogue with her husband in the new stuff based on her argument with him.

lynch and sabrina sutherland play a youtube clip of the dream scene from the original on a laptop for sheryl lee while she’s rehearsing kissing cooper so she can copy the original

“Can there be three detective brothers? I want to hire that big one with the laugh.”

the green glove kid showed up on the fireman’s movie theater place set, so maybe they had shot a flashback for him meeting the fireman instead of just him telling the whole thing to james

lynch tells everyone they’re just going to have to deal with the hassle of miguel ferrer’s tv schedule because he’s important and he’s not recasting him and they’ll just have to work harder to make it work.

lynch gets mad when somebody tells him they got two days to shoot on a set, says they own the sets they should be able to take their time and complains the nonstop shooting schedule isn’t giving him enough time to get dreamy, that he’d have loved to have just sat in the fireman’s theater set for example for a week just dreaming.