Twin Peaks


this video refuses to play on my phone or computer

tell me, it’s pink room isn’t it? if it’s not… what on earth could be “a fuckin slammin track” next to pink room???


It is a mini-memoir on The Pink Room, + the later sessions that were released as Fox Bat Strategy, as told by the drummer, yeah.



brent briscoe passed away



The Final Dossier audiobook is less than 3 hours long, Secret History was over 9.5. Hmm.


yeah the book is much shorter, 160 pages to secret history’s 368, msrp is $8 less


they’re back to just calling the bluray set a “limited series event”

I don’t think that means anything as far as a season 4. I think as far as that goes in a couple years either it’ll be announced or mark frost will mention on twitter or something that they took a crack at it but decided to leave things be. I just thought “season 3” looked cool on the box





that was about what I got from the finale, that dale cooper is still the same idiot he was in fire walk with me telling laura not to take the ring

I rewatched the whole show back on 10/1 and 10/2 lol. only new thing I noticed was dr. amp saying “the ninth circle of hell awaits you” right before it cuts to audrey for the first stuck out to me this time.

I’ve seen people call cooper at the end “richard” like he’s a different character when he wakes up in that other world, but I’m pretty sure he’s different before then when he comes out of the red room and is driving by the electrical pylons, already the “harder” version of cooper, as kyle maclachlan called him. and to me that’s cause the doppleganger is back tucked away in the red room. and after 25 years of him in the drivers seat he can’t really be 100 percent gosh golly cooper anymore. the return is about the weirdest midlife crisis a rogue disillusioned undercover fbi agent ever had



alright, the final dossier is in wide release now so we can talk abt it properly. i figured as soon as i had it in hand i’d be through it in one sitting but that didn’t happen.

the format is without the metatextual commentaty and mysterious/ pseudoscientific history element of the first, and seems to be a straight series of essays from tammy as postscript to the events of the show. it sort of kind of feels like fan fiction so far to be honest, like most accessory-media tends to be.

i’ve seen reviews claim it “finally explains the ending of the series, man” and yeah… idk. will follow up when i’ve gotten thru it.


Trump had the ring.


annie is fine.

yeah it feels fan fictiony. it makes clear the girl in new mexico is sarah palmer. which is kind of disapointing to me, I liked the new mexico stuff as like a generic fable type thing than definitely being about a specific twin peaks character. I couldn’t tell if the norma and miss twin peaks chapters were error corrections to the first book or intended that way all along just to get around mentioning annie in the first book. and like the other book it’s got it’s own errors in it. it describes tammy gordon and albert as seeing the bob sphere rise up out of the doppleganger, when they didn’t even get there until after that business was cleared up and the doppleganger had already disappeared, and some other things like that. the mention of audrey maybe being in some private care facility just seems kind of lame too, though it’s vague about that. even if that’s all there is to it it definitely felt like there was more to it and was more interesting in the show. also felt like twitter liberal mark frost was injecting his liberal classism against small town country bumpkins who need to get with the times and learn coding jobs when albert is doing leo johnsons autopsy.


How much of the differences between Season 1/2 vs. Secret History & Season 3 vs Final Dossier are down to misremembering canon vs all the script changes during shooting vs backwards echoing timeline reverberations due to Jeffries and Cooper fucking up reality? He’s got some snarky lines about silly season 2 stuff and how dumb the green glove was, etc.

Does any/soft-all of Season 3 take place in the Laura’s Missing not Dead timeline? If Sarah Judith Palmer is Judy is The Experiment and Bob was in Leland why is Bob/Mr.C spending billions of dollars searching for decades to find his mating partner to end time? If The Experiment is Judy is Sarah how is it effin around doing snacktimes in NYC? Is the frog bug just a vessel for Judy to spawn into at a later date? I guess there’s a bunch of interpretations possible.

I appreciated the straight-forward explainer thrust.


maybe the experiment thing in sarah and/or the experiment thing in the box are just judy offspring? I think the atomic bomb one had backwards hands and a smooth head and the one in the box had a scarred head. could be life in the material world has just been rough on ol judy. I got no clue. the bit about how not writing anything down on paper is important was interesting though.

I’m confused on the timeline too, this book establishes season 3 took place sept-oct 2016, even though everyone still keeps saying 25 years later, but then this book is dated for sept 6 2017, which is a couple days after the finale aired in the real world, even though in show the date was like 10/2. so did tammy just hang out in twin peaks for a whole year even though she talks like it’s been a couple days and is only just now getting timeline course correction fuzzyheadedness. Also in the new timeline why was ronette still taken to a traincar? by leo and jacque? and it says she testified that she saw laura go off in the woods? I think mark frost needs to pay closer attention to the chain of events at the end of fire walk with me there


this bit is excellent, and the only passage i really enjoyed for feeling plausibly written by tammy, substantively interesting in lieu of the original series, and unsettling while appropriately understated.

things pick up a bit in the last third, but ultimately the book has nothing to say that wasn’t plainly obvious given a careful viewing of s3 itself.

seems to sort of half-assedly set up the suggestion that frost would like to do a diane-centric follow up, in novel form or otherwise.



what does that look like, a bundle of hair and a blue rose?


it’s the back of evil cooper’s head


thank you for solving this mystery for me. I just wasn’t seeing it, but it’s funnier now thinking of him with his eyes fixed onto the weird screen he’s about to be sucked into