Twin Peaks


Is there any downside to getting an non-american the complete series bluray?






it’s all one big phantasmagoria anyway




I can’t help but read that in his voice.



Lynch didn’t want Philip Jeffries’ manifestation to be seen as a tea kettle. David Bowie wanted Philip Jeffries’ FWWM lines redubbed

Why did Phillip Jeffries take the form of a tea kettle?
I sculpted that part of the machine that has that tea kettle spout thing, but I wish I’d just made it straight, because everybody thinks it’s a tea kettle. It’s just a machine.

Did Bowie know that his character was going to appear in that capacity?
No, no, no. He didn’t know that. We got permission to use the old footage, but he didn’t want his voice used in it. I think someone must have made him feel bad about his Louisiana accent in Fire Walk With Me, but I think it’s so beautiful. He wanted to have it done by a legitimate actor from Louisiana, so that’s what we had to do. The guy [voice actor Nathan Frizzell] did a great job.

Reminded of when talking about part 8

It’s like when you know what it can be and then you have to suffer that [dilution], and people see it on their computer or even, my god, on their phone—it’s like a nightmare. There’s so much fucking power in that scene, and in this world people would love to hear what’s there, but the machines [which we watch things through] aren’t there any more. It’s got to be full range and full loud.


I made a pair of Twin Peaks mix tapes, and painted a box for one of them. Recorded from The Twin Peaks Archive Apple Lossless files to 1/4" 1/2-track, about ~1hr @ 7.5ips each.

Track Listing
    Tape 1
  1. Girl Talk
  2. James Visits Laura
  3. Abstract Mood
  4. Dark Intro #2
  5. Hank's Theme
  6. Dance of the Dream Man (Fast Soprano Clarinet)
  7. Annie and Cooper
  8. Dark Intro #1
  9. Invitation to Love Theme (Bumper)
  10. Dick Tremayne's Swing
  11. Solo Percussion 4
  12. Earle's Theme
  13. Attack of the Pine Weasel
  14. Just You (Instrumental)
  15. Great Northern Big Band
  16. Lana's Theme
  17. Falling into Love Theme (Demo)
  18. Hula Hoppin'
  19. Deer Meadow Shuffle
  20. James Hurley (Outtake)
  21. Lana's Dance
  22. Half Heart (Solo)
  23. Evelyn's Mourning
  24. Harold's Theme (Harpsichord)
  25. Bookhouse Boys
  26. Invitation to Love (Lover's Dilemma)
  27. Great Northern Piano Tune #4
  28. Chinese Theme (Demo)

    Tape 2
  1. The Pink Room (Extended Version)
  2. Love Theme from 'On The Air' (Slow Jazz Version)
  3. Twin Peaks Theme (Nostalgia Version)
  4. Owl Cave
  5. Preparing for M.T. Wentz
  6. The Norwegians
  7. 'Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of'
  8. Packard's Theme
  9. RR Swing
  10. The Mill Fire
  11. Laura's Dark Boogie (Clean)
  12. Mister Snooty
  13. Northwest Gulch
  14. You Killed Mike
  15. Theme from Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me (Saxaphone)
  16. Wheeler's Theme (TK 2)
  17. Picking On Country
  18. Night Walk (Demo)
  19. One Armed Man's Theme & Jean Renault's Theme (TV Mix)
  20. South Sea Dreams
  21. Llama Country
  22. Wide Vibrato Mood to Falling (Demo)


pure class!




The true missing pieces


david lynch’s hands appreciation post


the moonless night remix is the best but it’s not on youtube



What a fuckin slammin’ track.


[extremely david hayter voice] FOX… BAT…?