Twin Peaks


I’m not getting any of these “the plan succeeded judy is defeated” impressions from the finale

also what the hell is that essay talking about, sarah stabs the picture before laura disappears, and is possibly the reason she does disappear, that’s not some “rickety 80s car” it’s a nice 60s car some feds would be driving then, and rotary phones and old locks and crt tvs aren’t unique to the 80s.


During the scene where they deal with Bob/Evil Cooper and the woodsmen show up, the video started stuttering real bad, which seemed perfectly in keeping with the tone of the scene. It was only when it continued on and dialogue wasn’t synced to the mouth movements that I realised that the video playback was just messed up


Agreed. One thing I like about Lynch: a lot of his stuff may be confusing, but he doesn’t tend to lie with tone or morality.What I mean is: if a new character shows up and immediately seems bad, that means they’re bad. If they seem good, they ARE good. Very seldom is there any confusion or grey area or trickery; good and evil are signaled very clearly (for example, that’s why I think it’s ridiculous to say the Frogwasp in episode 8 is the laura palmer bubble, no, it obviously looks evil and fucked up). this is also true of plot points! How many times has a scene seemed innocuous, but then like, some ominous music starts playing? That’s because, if something bad is happening, Lynch tells us. This has happeend time and time again, especially in original Peaks and everything he’s made since.

So, what I’m saying is, there’s no precedent in Lynch’s career to suggest that he would make an ending that is directed, shot, and scored to be freaky and upsetting and bad, but that is actually good/the hero wins. If it seems freaky and bad, that’s cuz it IS freaky and bad.


I wrote a thing after discovering a thing:

Man Reddit is going nuts for this. More recognition for this than anything I’ve ever published. My bosom swells:


something about it seems more negative/neutral than “cooper won” still but it’s a legitimately interesting as a viewing technique and i think zeroing in on judys applicable metaphors (you say demiurge, some say maya, etc) is more worthwhile than some worldbuilding-ass “The Cage” / “The Bomb” so props. and you whipped it out damn fast.



I guess the “Cooper Won” scenario could still be somewhat negative from the perspective of Laura.
if you take it as something like Mulholland Drive, where she has sort of escaped into a fictional dreamworld to make herself forget all of her traumatic experiences. First a world where she is already dead, and then one where she is someone else entirely, and now Cooper comes along to force her to confront a being that represents all the fear and suffering she is trying to hide from, the one who gave birth to Bob.
So based on that idea, the final scene is Laura realising she is dreaming, and the scream is the traumatic awakening back to a reality she has to face, but doesn’t want to.


i find it pretty impossible to look at that ending as cooper won/judy was defeated or anything like that. just because the lights go out? i don’t know. the synced viewing thing is interesting though!

also uh cooper/the fbi’s ultimate futility in the face of literal demonic manifestations of misogyny/general american violence is really crucial to the whole work as far as i’m concerned. i think cooper “winning” would cheapen the whole thing


‘Cooper wins’ is maybe too simplistic of an explanation of my view of the ending (as an explanation using two words would be), though I do feel that Good ultimately Prevails.

quoting myself in a comment on reddit: there is truth in what you say about the importance and power of the ‘bad’ ending—I really don’t want to take away from that. but also, deep down, I don’t feel that the True Ending, if one exists, is that sad message of ‘evil always wins.’ I think it’s something more messy and confusing. something along the lines of… evil always seems to win, but good does ultimately prevail, even though the condition of its victory means that the Good can never bask in the glory of success the way Evil always seems to—that denial of satisfaction at the mission accomplished is the mission. it is accomplished.

also from the essay: “This climactic walk in part 18 up the steps to the site of Laura’s abuse and torment, and then back down again, set to the strains of “Laura’s Theme” ringing out in episode 17, is the triumphant moment of integration. There is no ridiculous showdown between a superhero and villain, there is only the simple confrontation and subsequent integration of her trauma.”

so the Carrie Page/Odessa universe = dissociation… her journey back to Twin Peaks & Laura = the reintegration of trauma, sealed with a scream of recognition = defeat of Judy & destruction of Judy’s house (source of abuse) = a woman made whole again




when I rewatch the show I’m going to have a finer appreciation for that fucker Ray, because what kind of stones did he have to have to pull off trying to be both a double crosser and informant on an otherworldly satan that senses fear? Also the actors twitter username is BigLeeMarvinFan



I show my wife the pilot and the next day she asked me Who Killed Laura Palmer?? That she remembered the name is something she never does. I refused to tell her. She refused to make the time in the future to just watch at least S1. But she has drive. She went and bought Laura’s Diary (J-Translation). She apparently read the part about Laura idolm@stering on the train.

I have never read Laura’s Diary the Book. Will she find the answer she is looking for?

She really likes Dale Cooper but uhhh hates the stress of mystery TV shows. She also remembered Dale’s name after one episode.


I’m remembering that at one point there was a moment where Leland confronted her with her Flesh World ads (while suddenly being naked???) that seems to hint at him being the abuser.



Oh wow they’re just calling it the third season now

Definitely feels like we’re gonna get another one, eventually. If this were the end I think frost and lynch would of just come out and said so. They’re probably gonna take their time to write it though.


That’ll make up for not getting a SNES mini this Christmas.


somewhere I think I saw lynch say he’d do a fourth season but that it’d take years to write and film. see you in 25!


guess i’m gonna have to buy a blu ray for the first time in…