Twin Peaks


Day 3 of Still Thinking About Thos Peaks


I think I just figured out one mystery

Sarah freaked out at the new jerky because it was something different, and Judy thought it may have been someone fucking with the timeline. It made some minor changes, like the way Ed was holding the cup.


i think The Drunk might be one of the most obnoxious and unnerving characters i’ve ever seen on tv, and here i am spending time thinkin’ about what his deal was

also, if it wasn’t such an incredibly obscure joke, my halloween costume this year would be a single green Hulk hand and a balloon with Frank Silva’s picture on it


I’m totally going to steal that costume idea, I love it. A+ low-effort, high-yield film nerd costume.


go for it, there’s no one here i know who has seen season 3 and if they did they certainly did not get into it like i did

couple costume idea i had was going as Classic Agent Cooper while my partner dresses up like the red-room costumed Diane (and we’d tell people that she’s going as “A Spoiler”)


digging this:


MJ is the one


I would love a happy ending to everything, but the final episode left me with such hopelessness that I just can’t accept any positive interpretation, hah.


I always thought this referred to the slurping sound made by the man from another place when he eats creamed corn? Whatever the creamed corn is (or stands in for), it seems to sustain bob/the man from another place in a way.




Yeah, wasn’t this just a callback to his line in FWWM? To make sure we connect the tree with the Arm/Man from Another Place.


I feel bad for the folks who are working overtime to find a happy ending.

That’s probably my general statement on life too.


The electricity going out in the Palmer house at the end seems to at least imply that there wasn’t exactly a happy ending for Judy


Should I read a Secret History of Twin Peaks. Is it good.

It’s almost 3AM and I’m watching Fire Walk With Me and the set design is so amazing I feel like I’m gonna cry.



read some excerpts maybe and see what you think? i greatly enjoyed it.


It rules. There’s a bit of a predicament, though, if you like audiobooks. Cuz the audiobook of this is FANTASTIC, with multiple readers (including, for documents written by existing characters, the original voice actors (Hawk has a lengthy passage, for example)) and super high quality production. On the other hand, the book itself is equally well-produced, with lots of clever visuals and layout stuff. I managed to snag a free audiobook of it, so I read a large part of it on a plane with both audio and physical book at the same time, following along and also looking at the pictures and stuff. I’d highly recommend it!


The most fascinating part of Secret History is not the made-up Frost stuff (and the book finds cute ways to clue you in on which documents are fictional and which aren’t), but the inclusion of many actual, real documents (journals from historical figures, previously-secret documents that have been declassified in recent decades, etcetera), plus just lots of great historical research about various topics. Of course one can skew an argument with framing or omission, but let’s just say it got me thinking REALLY HARD about a lot of actual US hsitory, and some weird shit that has happened in it.


Hi I Watched all of the return in the last few weeks and found most of it impossibly slow and would have easily dropped it if i couldn’t binge. The high point was Michael Cera Scene.

Parkers keeping track of the soap opera stuff is well appreciated. It was fun reading this whole thread as I moved along! I also felt like most of the essays y’all linked were doubling over to explain Lynch’s genius. No. Triple Genius.

You could probably edit down the whole thing to a well paced 6 hours, 7 if you included all of episode 8 and why not.

I mostly agree with the above analysis of the final episode. It was neat to hear a scream (twice) that was as terrifying as my own.

But lord was a lot of this people statue stare at middle distance as things they can’t see happen.


I am breathing heavily through the mouth