Twin Peaks


There seems to be a lot of variation in the two Tulpas we’ve seen. Dougie most likely had no memories of being Cooper or Dooper, and didn’t seem to have any sort of ulterior plot besides “not that good of a husband.” Meanwhle, Diane has her memories of pre-cloning, and also seems “programmed” with some sort of instructions that she’s compelled to perform or something. Plus, the peculiar term “manufactured” suggests a lot, to me.

What I’m getting at is, I think the person who manufactures a tulpa can “design” them how they want. They don’t explain this, but I like to assume that Mike manufactured Dougie to be, perhaps, a better husband. My proof is that this is absolutely what Dale could have wanted him to do, and Mike just sorta knows everything all the time. Who knows, maybe Dougie even has some vague memories of his time as Cooper, so he knows what it’s like to be a good person and love your wife?


if this is true, tmkf sure has a lot of explaining to do




whatever the hell he’s calling himself these days idk


Probably going to obsess over and loop the last half of 18 as much as I did the season 2 finale. Laura can’t escape being Laura.


lol i get it now, i was still in twin-peaks mode.

I think I need a TP break for a while. I’ts been an amazing few months but I’ve seen episodes 5-15 twice each, and 16 three times (bc of catching up with friends who missed weeks), and my brain has been totally consumed by this damn show all summer and will CONTINUE to be consumed by it even if I don’t rewatch because of that damn ending! I can’t wait to revisit it all tho, blu ray when


Hoping there are follow ups to this or it gets released as part of the score. I want the drone playing during the “Monica Bellucci dream” and the Akira Yamaoka/Silent Hill 1-like faint hissing noise during the road trip in the last half of 18.





man i watched the season 2 finale and had totally forgotten this moment and it seems really crazy now


ive been reading about that fan-translation of the TP-inspired PS1 game and it references the actual game idea Lynch had:

Lynch also recently designed a CD-Rom game but it was “blocked from the get-go”, he says, because it would have been completely boring to game buffs. He wanted a “conundrum thing… a beautiful kind of place to put yourself. You try to make a little bit of a mystery and a bit of a story, but you want it to be able to bend back upon itself and get lost - really get lost.” What was it called? “It was called… um…” Lynch flexes his brow and hesitates, and I’d swear he’s making this up on the spur of the moment.

“It was called… Woodcutters From Fiery Ships… Certain events have happened or are sort of happening in a bungalow which is behind another house in Los Angeles. And then suddenly the woodcutters arrive and they take the man who we think has witnessed these events, and their ship is… uh, silver, like a 30s sort of ship, and the fuel is logs.” Another dry laugh. “And they smoke pipes.”

interesting to think about considring how much The Return feels like a 90’s CD rom horror mystery.


guess we know why sherilyn fenn has been so angry on twitter hunh

i wonder what (if any) of what they shot with her got cut

i feel like the cosmic mystery got a little too heavy-handed this time round to effectively balance alongside the smaller stories of everyday people

i didn’t love the delivery in e17 (tho on rewatch i think i will likely come to appreciate it more), the finale’s finale tho, too perfect

thru the darkness of future past


Didn’t Kettle Jeffries squirt out some infinity symbols in the final ep? Interesting that the episodes with the most cosmic scale featured vertical-infinity-symbol 8 in their episode numbers.


I wonder if coop and diane boning in the motel was some kind of ritual deal to get to judy, like how the kids on the couch in front of the glass box seemed to draw it out and the sex cult magic shit out in the desert during the atom bomb test in the secret history book. that part of the book also mentions jack parsons wife marjorie cameron, as a woman with technicolor red hair who showed up after he had done some other ritual in the desert. “Once a magician stands between two worlds, he’s in danger of not belonging to either one of them.” there’s a million ways to think about the finale and even seemingly contradictory ones feel like they could coexist together

also I only just now realized gordon putting his hand in front of his face in fwwm was supposed to be jail bars for the uncle. for some reason I always just wondered how chet made the leap from uncle to uncle in prison and knowing to ask if it was a federal prison

In fwwm I always thought the old woman and her grandson were symbolizing some other family afflicted by abuse and trying to be helpful. like alternate what if versions of sarah palmer and laura’s kid she aborts in the secret diary wandering around. though I never knew what to make of the teresa banks murder taking place in the chalfont trailer. and now chalfonts and tremonds own the palmer house in this other world. and the kid had the mask and stick thing connected to the jumping man who now has the face of sarah palmer, who seems to have judy in her and isn’t so nice anymore. I don’t know what it all means but it’s creepy.

that was odd jefferies saying gordon will remember “the unofficial version.” also just the way jefferies was talked about by gordon “the day he appeared but didn’t appear, was apparently there, doesn’t really exist anymore,” etc and like he was just now remembering the jefferies scene from fwwm, almost like it didn’t exist until he dreamt about it.

I kept listening for it but I don’t think I heard the noise the arm “sounds like” ever. it wasn’t the same as the electricity crackle we heard all season. but maybe it’s supposed to sound different outside the red room. I think the electrical pole outside carrie page’s house sounded a little different from all the other electrical noises we heard though.

it was weird all these years to be thinking and wondering about things like the shot of the telephone pole in the trailer park in fwwm or the electrical socket in teresa banks trailer and now to actually see things like someone come out of a electrical socket.


There was also that guy that Sarah Palmer / Judy killed in the bar for threatening sexual violence. So seems to be some connection between Judy and sexual acts somehow


there are a lot of scenes in the show of extremely unhinged men threatening sexual violence. and obviously that was pretty much the entirety of fwwm


it’s funny, he says “what year is this” but i see “what year is it” all over the place when people are talking about the ending, even in titles of articles and shit

yeah though basically can’t stop thinking about this whole thing


It’s been 3 days and that ending’s still got me kinda shaken and I feel like a bit of a rube for expecting anything else.

It’s great.


Yeah, this was his second second chance to provide closure. I think he realizes that part of the mystique is that we’ve been left hanging on a cliff (or cliffs, let’s not forget that bank explosion) for 25 years. Why ruin that?