Twin Peaks


ray wise will pretty much show up in anything for any amount of time, so probably cool with it.


looks like i’ll have to do some google searching to solve some lingering unresolved mysteries


What was up with Cooper in that last episode? He seemed more like his Doppleganger than his real self. Is he dreaming again? Or did he wake up to his boring real world self? What year is this?


maybe with the doppleganger back in he’s not “split” anymore. or just one of the things “different” when he crossed over to wherever

it was nice to see the martells and packards show up even though it seemed to be on account of cooper bumping into shit in the red room and erasing twin peaks


If FBI agent Richard is the dreamer, then it could be that Cooper, Mr C and Cooper-as-Dougie are all to some extent reflections of his personality.


Quality tweets on that account.


I am a broken man


Underrated line: Philip Jeffries saying “it’s slippery in here”. I love the weird throwaway stuff like that.


There’s always a troubled girl
There’s always an FBI agent
There’s always a small town

David Lynch just made Bioshock: Infinite


Bioshock wishes it could be Twin Peaks


Well that owned entirely


I particularly enjoyed how it kept threatening joy and then said nah, gutting despair again siiike

Not that I wouldn’t mind another season of teevee of this impossibly high calibre


twin peaks wishes it could be bioshock ,


now that’s over, the most disappointing thing about the return was the complete lack of billy zane.


It’s cool how Lucy got to shoot someone go Lucy


Her cell phone subplot had the best resolution of all.


has anyone seen billy


when coop/richard is taking laura/carrie to twin peaks and they go past the double r it’s missing the big red RR 2 GO ----->. the top part is still painted blue though.


Fuck a meme but

The true Twin Peaks were the friends we lost along the way.


I have a sad suspicion Lynch wholly comprehends and relishes dank memeitude