Translations and ROMhacks II


This one had been sitting in my bookmarks for a while




Can’t believe someone finally found where I’ve been plagiarizing all my 501 games posts from.


Kinda wanna do a thread about tiger handheld games now


adorable kusoge space hunter* is now in english :slightly_smiling_face:

*as seen on GCCX


I didn’t see this on the Big List of Randomizers, but apparently somebody also made a randomizer for Soul Blazer:

  • Enemy type is randomized, but will still choose from the possible enemy types in the current location. Monsters which usually don’t belong to lairs can be in lairs (like blue blobs and torches in Act 1 Underground Castle).
  • Lair type is randomized: it can be one-by-one spawner, multispawner, or proximity spawner (this one is more rare). The “already there” type is not randomized though.
  • Number of enemies is randomized: between 2 and 6 for one-by-one spawners, and between 4 and 12 for multispawners.
  • Multispawner spawn rate is randomized between 3 and 20 frames.

NPCs released from monster lairs are also shuffled in a way that still makes the game beatable. The only exception is King Magridd who is still in the Demon Bird’s lair. This is because the boss fight glitches out if the King is already released. Items from chests and items received from NPCs or found in special places are all shuffled.

Some guy on Twitch just spent like, 15 minutes trying to get into the water shrine, haha.


Metal Slader Glory has been translated:

And some lengthy interviews to go with it:


Laplace´s Demon Reaches v2.00

Today marks a massive update to the old infamously bad Laplace´s Demon patch from 2001. The new version adds a completely re-edited script, fixes the issues with the text overwriting itself on-screen, fixes the out-of-order combat strings, throws in a new more typewritery font, expands item names and descriptions, and probably a lot more that I´m forgetting about. Granted, the old version was one of my very first forays into assembly-level hacking, so its crustiness at the time was somewhat understandable, but the new patch is a big enough change that I´m comfortable jumping the version number straight to v2.00. Enjoy!

2018-09-069 2018-09-066


Some updates on the Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis English translation.

Looks like we’ll finally be seeing this in English soon.

Several more screenshots can be found on their twitter timeline.


Was Phantasy Star IV one of the games that needed retranslation? Anyway, neat that they provided two different flavours of it:


Fans are still releasing seperate Lutz/Noah versions of translations?

god PS lore is a nightmare, lol


Has that always been a thing then?


Yeah, it did. A lot of truncated item/monster names, awkward phrasings and dialogue generally 1/2 the length of the original. This retranslation doesn’t look ideal, though (looks like a lot of the focus is on lore accuracy which IDGAF, and didn’t go deep enough on the ROM hacking front to fix the name truncations)


Yeah. Long story short, when the games were originally brought over a lot of major plot details were changed due to technical constraints or lack of knowledge. Dates, names, important events, the works. Last I checked, it was so bad that the community basically considers the Japanese and English versions as two separate timelines. It’s pretty bad.


Idol Hakkenden is an adventure game developed by Natsume - one of only two for the Famicom, to our knowledge. In it, one has to follow Erika Saionji as she strives to become a popular idol and thus win the family inheritance, ahead of her two sisters, Shizuka and Reika. To reach this goal, the player will have to traverse various locales, use Erika’s gift for singing and solve some relatively simple puzzles. The game is quite charming, with a great soundtrack and some funny moments. It was also pretty difficult to localize, due to abundance of accents, trivia questions and some aspects of Japanese culture that could be unknown to the Western players.


i don’t know anything about this game, but i love the title screen


Reyard is a young man who lives in the town of Farell; his father is a skilled blacksmith, and the youngster hopes to follow the same career, enjoying a peaceful life. But everything changes when a wandering group of performers arrives in the town. Reyard meets Kurana, one of the artists, who was adopted by the leader of the troop, and is hoping to find her true parents. The two meet several times, and Reyard realizes that he has fallen in love. However, when Kurana tells him she will leave Farell soon, he is unable to express his feelings. Only when he hears that the duke of Bern is determined to marry Kurana, even against her will, Reyard understands that he has to do something…

Tenshi no Uta: Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori* (“The Prayer of the White Wings”) is the third game in the series. It starts a new story, but is set in the same universe; the stories of the two previous games are referred to in this game, and recurrent characters appear. The game is a traditional Japanese-style RPG with top-down navigation, random enemies, turn-based combat (viewed from first-person perspective), linear story progression, and automatic leveling. The stand-out feature of the game is the ability to communicate with monsters encountered in battle, by learning “monster languages”. It is possible to convince the monsters not to fight, and even trade and acquire rare items from them.


the second tenshi no uta has a secret shooting game on the disc if you put the wrong system card in, try to run the game, and put a cheat into the error screen.


Not a ROM hack, but pretty cool.

A while back I took Snes9X and a web browser and glued them together to to create a thing I called the “Wanderbar”. Then I did the same with an NES emulator. These were originally just for my personal projects, but they wound up kind of popular and they have a bunch of cool potential uses, so I released them to the public.

It’s basically a glorified Lua script thingy, but the fact that everything is displayed via HTML means you can also use HTML5, CSS3, Javascripts, external APIs, local storage, etc. with ease. I haven’t written up documentation on how the plugins work, but I’ve already seen an EarthBound script comparison plugin and a Zelda 2 automap plugin doing their thing: z2d


Any Saturn fan translations worth looking into? This Phoebe has opened a lot of doors. Currently have Policenauts, the Shining Force 3 scenarios and Dragon Force 2.