Translations and ROMhacks II


we had a thread for this before, let’s have one again!

recent news of note

a game i covered on lunaticobscurity a while back, dahna: megami tanjou, recently got a translation patch, which is here. another potentially interesting patch that was recently finished is this one for the bs-x bios

something that might turn out interesting in the future is this patreon, for someone planning to translate pc98 games. actually, on further inspection, it appears they’ve already released two translations!


I did not know that Ys V was translated until a few days ago, that seems like a big deal. Played an hour or two of that the other night. I will save it for a rainy day.


Is there an improved Secret of Mana translation out there?


I think this is the time every year or two where I ask if anyone has made a translation patch for Moon: Remix RPG Adventure yet.



I saw some screenshots of their work on neogaf last year, but it seems things have stalled a bit.

PS: the thread is titled ‘Tranlsations’, not ‘Translations’


i noticed that after i posted, and i had some reason for not fixing it. that reason is now long-forgotten, though


Is it because “trannel-sations” sounds like sensations!


sukeban deka iii translated~!


a jp-exclusive bomberman game’s been translated for n64!
i think it might actually be an rpg or a port of panic bomber w? or maybe both or neither of these things?

is there a good, easy to use n64 emulator yet?


I believe that one is just a fairly traditional Bomberman, whereas the other Bomberman 64—the one released outside Japan—was an attempt to 3D-ify the series a bit.


Nah, there are a bunch different modes. There’s a normal Bomberman bit, a match three, and some one where you walk round talking to people and playing Bomberman versions of old arcade games… and maybe another mode or two.


the pc98 predecessor to evo: the search for eden has been translated!


I didn’t know this was a thing!

Nice title screen!


i was just made aware that sb’s own takashi released the anti-anti-piracy patch for school fighter ages ago. so go and get it, school fighter’s a good game


‘working designs minus bullshit difficulty’ patches,23436.0.html

some cool dudes are working on a retranslation of romancing saga 3


Yoshi in Sonic 2


Densha de Go 64’s “localization patch” is up on and I’m terrified to discover it’s secretly an april fool’s prank.


pc98 titty castlevania-like rusty has a translation patch


Battletoads NES got a 4-player hack

I already know Battletoads games aren’t very good as multiplayer games, but I’m very excited about this anyway.
I love Battletoads and I love playing 4-player games.

I hope it works on real hardware.