Translations and ROMhacks II


This sounds like a glorious clusterfuck.


The friendly fire, just think of it


apparently, someone has already released a mario 64 romhack that lets you throw your hat and possess stuff like mario odyssey


Bubble Bobble is a game I played a whole lot growing up, and there’s something really neat to me about taking the best original levels from the home and handheld ports and backporting them into the original game.

Are there any other of these kinds of projects for other games?


There is the occasional Arcade Conversation hack out there (including one recently of Ghosts N Goblins), though I’m not sure that’s quite in the same category as what you’re looking for. Yours seems fairly unique?


What the heck is going on with


Appears to be some combination of personal issues for the owner, nerd entitlement and Actually, Ethics! creeps incensed that their porn-hack wasn’t accepted.


it’s not a romhack, though some hacking was involved: heidi kemps et al discovered a secret, never before seen ending in taito’s 1988 arcade game raimais, as well as the (possibly impossible, possibly just incredibly difficult and specific) requirements to trigger it. details here



a new hack for shenmue’s passport disc allows viewing the on-disc content that was previously only accessible if you were using a real internet-connected dreamcast while the servers were still up


is this the earliest instance of on-disc DLC


I don’t know what the first is but Sonic Adventure definitely has some


I think that might be the Hudson’s GB Kiss stuff


the really annoying thing about the sonic adventure dlc is that it would have been so much cooler if all that stuff just activated automatically on the appropriate dates, like in christmas nights


So, out of sheer curiosity’s sake

Is there anyone around these parts that does PS1/PS2 translation modding?

I am kind of interested in doing translation stuff for a couple games (Dimguil! BUSIN0! Oreshika might be the end of me though) but not if I have to do everything myself


I don’t know anything specific about PS1/PS2, but I translated the first chapter of Phoenix Wright 3 GBA back in 2005 (both ROM hacking and translation part), so we have similar skillset (albeit you’re probably more skilled at both than I am at this point, these days I do nothing but Enterprise-Grade Software Engineering in English only). I remember that as being a really fun project and I’ve been hankering for a hobby as satisfying again. I’m pretty sure I could quickly pick PS1/PS2 technical trivia and act as a solid partner who can pick up whatever needs to get done.

I might take you up on a Dimguil collaboration. The art and atmosphere seems really sweet, so it seems like more than just a random piece of ephemera and worth the effort – I could see myself getting hype to port it over. And recently, I’ve been unwilling to let my day job suck up my entire life but I don’t have an active hobby either, so it would fill a hole in my weeks.


wait this was you? I remember trying that forever and a half ago and thinking it was pretty solid.

I’d consider it! I have zilch experience with PSX stuff and honestly would not be sure where to start. Part of the reason I kind of wanted to look into it.

my daily JP study could use some daily translation in the mix for practice’s sake. I’m not perfect but I think I’m good enough at this point.


Indeed it was! I don’t have much cause to mention it lately. I was really proud of it at the time. It was a bigger project than I could finish on on my own though, so it was actually a relief when the official translation was released and relieved me of the “responsibility” to complete it. For several months I was getting several emails a day from teenage Phoenix Wright fans begging me to complete it. I felt like George R R Martin

Skill level needed for translation of nonliterary written stuff is not that high in my experience. Based on what you’ve mentioned about your Japanese skills, you’re way past the skill cutoff. English prose style is far more important anyway

What’s your past ROM hacking experience? I don’t think you need to master platform details to the same degree as an emulator or advanced randomizer author for fan translation. I was able to go a long way by examining the ROM in a graphical visualizer and making educated guesses about what kind of data I was seeing and what format it might be encoded in. Relatively little need to know that many technical details in the early stages, then you can learn what you need to solve individual technical problems as you attack them.


Aside from some fiddling that went nowhere back in the NES era (i wrote an NES emulator when i was younger and had nothing better to do), all my fan translation work has been on the Windows side of things. I did a bunch of mods for Touhou games and I’m probably best known around the Internet for being That Guy Who Hacks Netplay Into Videogames From The Outside. Even though I really haven’t done that much of it.

The Hellsinker translation was … fun…

I just don’t know what tools people use for PS1/PS2 stuff, and the worst case I can think of is when you need to tear the font renderer apart and put a VWF renderer in its place. Which wouldn’t be terrible or anything, but still.


it looks like people use some variant of pcsx with a debugger modded in or pSX. i’ll have to look into those + decompilers that have made the rounds.

i just want to focus on translation because i have enough coding projects to work on right now and it’s more that i want something not that on the side heh