Translations and ROMhacks II


The intro for this game is really cool. Apparently, it has a Biblical setting. Looking forward to checking this out. (The Last Bible games, especially the GameBoy ones, have some rad music, if anyone is interested in that kind of thing…)


on the subject of last bible, this seems to be coming along nicely:


I still need to get a copy of Dimguil and try it out. I got distracted by trying EOU2 instead. From watching videos, I’m having trouble liking the PS1 3d in the first-person segments of Dimguil, that’s the one retro style that’s never grown on me.

Yeah I kind of feel the same way unfortunately… I was thinking of retranslating some Murakami short stories for fun.


actually looked at dimguil’s data the other day

all of the text is in easy to handle files separate from code, but the text is either compressed or a lookup. figuring out how to get that to and from utf-8 would be a fun thing.

the image files also look fairly trivial to convert, being fixed-size palettized images i could probably just make a json or xml file to define what they are.

edit: oh duh it’s a really simple mapping for status/ui text. if i figure out how dialogue is stored this should be easy


Does it use its own image format? PSX games are pretty standard in this regard, in my limited experience. And there are already replacement tools you can grab if so.


It’s all custom. There’s some TIMs in there, I thought there was only one but on another glance there’s a few scattered about.

It’s a really simple format though so I’ve already figured it out, just need to write a converter. I’ve written worse for previous anything. Just need to get around to it.

edit: anyway this is a thread for announcements and as such i’ll take it out of here


(Let me know if you want me to split out the posts)


Somebody dumped Final Fantasy V’s GBA script and inserted it into the SNES version.


I love that script so much

“They’re on Big Bridge!”
“Get the Giant Mirror!”

Bartz really shines through as someone who deserves to be named Butz, he’s such a doof.

And Gilgamesh – I already loved the game after playing the fan translation in '99 but all of Gilgamesh’s lines were untranslated. They missed the best part!

The writer who did that is a treasure but now she’s being wasted at Microsoft, sadly.


A video showing off some progress in the English Last Bible III fan translation (+rad music):



i come bearing a couple of excellent metroid things, crazy and wonderful concepts that are stunningly well-realized.

the first is an old classic. extra mario bros., a hack of smb1. fuse smb1 and metroid1 into a single game, and what do you get? i think most people have played this one at least once, but it never hurts to bring it back to public conciousness.

the second is a new voice. super metroid arcade, a hack of super metroid. challenge yourself to an endless (or not so endless) randomized bag of the numerous super metroid rooms, with a number of changes to make it fast-paced and frenetic. sometimes you get off easy and do well, sometimes you run into ridley, and oftentimes your adventures are ended by the hidden god BATTLECRAB. how long can you last? this hack is under active development. there are now a variety of difficulty settings that change the already pretty different game in terrifying ways.


seems a bit more complicated than applying an ips patch and running in any emulator though


It’s been ages since I touched emulation – I guess all this means that running this on a SNES Mini is most likely ruled out.

Edit: On another note, bummer that @GideonZhi doesn’t seem to hang around here anymore.


So if anyone is ever planning on replaying Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne then you can now choose to play it through with everyone’s favourite schoolboy detective Raidou replacing old n busted Dante:


This might be cool, because I thought Dante was out of place. Though, a teenage detective and his talking cat aren’t exactly the most fitting, either, but Raidou is pretty cool.

Edit: Apparently, they made some extra changes like making some of the spell descriptions more clear and correcting some of the demon names (mostly Chinese demons). I might check this out this weekend.


the true final boss is significantly harder in the japanese version too


This translation is a bit trivial, but this is one of my favorite SNES games. This and the Bomberman games are how I spent my lunch breaks in 2015.


wow, someone actually translated maniax chronicles. that is extremely impressive.

sutte hakkun is the greatest puzzle platformer, and we now have translation for its bits of dialogue. my heart is at peace. for now.


Sutte Hakkun should’ve been ported to absolutely everything and ripped off by everyone. It’s such a simple, challenging, and rewarding game.