Translations and ROMhacks II

oh hey, NA nocturne saves load in the maniax chronicle translation


wait, what happens then if Dante is in your party and you load up Raidou version?

you magically have raidou instead
there have been a couple of hotfix updates to the patch since


man every video i cut up with ffmpeg has that weird three second still thing going on only after it’s up on youtube

I wish they had cleaned up the dialogue font, though. The font Atlus USA used for the dialogue has strange kerning and almost looks like letters put together for a ransom note.

I wonder if this would be simple to do? I think I’ll rip my copy of SMT3 later and see if the typeface is a TMX or not so I can extract and reinsert it.

The English patch for Brandish 2: The Planet Buster for PC-98 is out:

ETA: Important info:

The translation patch for Brandish 2 is specifically for the Renewal version of Brandish 2: The Planet Buster. This enhanced version was released in 1995, two years after the initial release of the game. This version contains bug fixes and minor improvements over the original game. Consider it a patched version, if you will.

Note that the translation patch is not compatible with the vanilla version of the game. The version sold by Project EGG is the vanilla version of the game and therefore not compatible with this translation patch.


War of the Dead for the TG16 finally got an English translation.


Princess Minerva and Super Famicom Wars for the SNES have been translated into English.



ah you beat me to super famicom wars!!

Princess Minerva’s translated by Dynamic-Designs, it’s worth noting. Receipts were going up on twitter about how their previous 2015 translation of Super Shell Monsters Story was filled with anti-healthcare jokes and other conservative, capitalist propoganda.

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What times we live in

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Everybody is duplicitous.

Ugh, and it’s pretty fucked up that people seem to be all right with inserting that kind of goofy bullshit into translations, judging by the comments on the RHDN news post for Minerva (it’s kind of weird to use somebody else’s game as a mouthpiece for your politics). For what it’s worth, you’re not missing out on too much by abstaining from Dynamic-Designs’ translations – a lot of early to mid 90s SNES Wonderbread RPGs. Lennus 2 and Mystic Ark have some really nice aesthetics, and Chaos Seed has an awesome OST…

(I think any of their projects that don’t have Wildbill listed on the credits of the page are probably kosher, but I’m not certain, I tend not to bother too much with DD translations because their fonts are garbage and my interest in filler RPGs has waned greatly over the years).


Conservative gamers like myself complain all the time about SJWs from Treehouse scribbling their crayon ideology all over our vidyas



It is in this moment I am at my most conflicted, being the co-host of a SNES podcast.

I like how the people in that thread are defending the political commentary by saying they ignore politics and don’t want other people to discourage the translator. Either ya do side with the bad takes, or you consider yourself held hostage and unable to tell the translator to not include them. M a k e s m e w o n d e r . . .

truth be told, you are doing the original statement a disservice by omitting the end of the sentence.

I was quoting that portion because it was fucking goofy, not for which side he’s arguing for (technically, he agrees with me on the matter). Next time, I’ll think twice before depriving people of a complete DrDimension post.

battle golfer yui finally has a translation!


not sure if this is a great idea or a sick burn

por que no los dos :eyes:

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