Translations and ROMhacks II


a bunch of completed projects popped up on romhacking at the end of the year (possible people were saving up for the occasion), including:

(^^^ This in particular being Puresabe’s (creator of Minus Infinity) annual New Years Hack, which are always rad as hell)

Happy New Year!




i’m pretty supportive of this action

hope someone picks it up


a re-localization patch was just released for Opoona to correct the whole vague-direction-and-yes/no-questions-usually-have-flipped-answers issue.

considering I just recently powered through the game, I’m kinda kicking myself a little.


Does Selectbutton (or anyone of ~taste~) have a nice curated list of good translated games, I’ve been dipping my toes into games that have gotten that treatment from the ps1-3 eras since I already dug in deep with the SFC stuff years ago, it’s just hard to get an idea of what’s out there I’m unaware of. Lunatic Obscurity’s an excellent blog but mostly for the untranslated stuff.


finally, someone has released an english translation patch for megaman x. :rolleyes:


does it have honorifics


Maybe they really just got rid of that line in the ending about “those who died will never return” given how things turned out.


That’d be a good wiki project!

We have an outdated page for ROM Hacks and Game Mods, but I’m put up one specifically for translations. I’m pretty clueless RE PS2-and-on fan-translations though : (



Nice, good looking out! I’ve been perusing and the only two PS3 entries are Tales games that are mainly ported over scripts from an Xbox 360 and PS4 version. Still nice. PS2 doesn’t have a ton but you’ve got the port of DQ5, Front Mission 5, Shadow Tower Abyss, and the two Sega Ages Phantasy Star remakes.

On the PS1 front this game just got translated in January, it looks interesting at least.

the moving through the map stuff is extremely bizarre, you just pick a direction and run until you hit something. maybe closer to a board game or something i dunno. always cool to see a new weird one.



looks good


His fellows.


announcing the Maverick Sigma Reploid Hunter Fellowship


La Wares has been fan-translated, if you need another, I guess goddamn JRPG for the SNES to play. Unfortunately, by Dynamic Designs (and they even apparently managed to get their name into the dialogue).





That font choice is dire.




I am on the edge of my goddamn seat.


now i’m thinking about how it’d be pretty sweet to play smt:if this week


i played smt:if untranslated up to the mines.

i am not sure i would have played past even if it were translated.

have fun!!!