Translations and ROMhacks II


*checks if he was the one working on the translation on Moon: Remix RPG Adventure.

*sees he was not.



Here’s a hack that will shove Chrono Trigger’s window styles into Final Fantasy VI. Which is just cool because I really like the red grass window style. :man_shrugging:t2:


I am working on one but it ain’t ready yet




I guess that rules out any JRPGs?


thank god


Should’ve expected that it’d just be more robot shit.


it’s a bunch of interestingly gimmicked beat em ups and a cabal-like, which is fine with me


Yeah I just saw a video including a couple of those as “Great Japan only SNES games” so that’s exciting, they look like fun action games.


I think I played Great Battle 3 a long time ago. I played one of those games anyway. I did it online with a friend. It was alright


the best great battle is 4, whcih is the side scrolling shooter. 3 is really slow and bad and im bad at 5 which is a wild guns like


I asked and I shalled received.



Um why Latin and not Ancient Greek???


The adventure game form wasn’t developed until Roman times


To be fair, calling a Latin translation of “The Battle of Olympus” as “like it was originally intended to be” is in character for ancient Rome given their propensity towards chauvinism and appropriation.

(This is tongue-in-cheek; I’m not this pedantic I swear.)


agtp’s translation of snes magical drop 2 is being used in an official multicart!

is this the first time this has happened in videogames?


Yeah, I think so. With official translations, it’s usually for several major European languages at once, and if you set out requirements like “no swear words” ahead of time it’s easier to guarantee the translation conforms to them, so I can see why it’s so rare.


It certainly isn’t!


back once again with the steins;gate