Translations and ROMhacks II


I don’t think the actual hacking work has been used in an official capacity very often. There’s been a number of cases of scripts, particularly for visual novels and eroge, but usually they’re “new” programming.


Another SMT offshoot has been translated you children. You robot-hating babies.


HOLLLLY SHIT this is right up there with Linda Cube in terms of big news for me


also a famicom disk system rpg/adventure game called cleopatra no mahou has been translated.
i’ve been playing it for about an hour and it’s definitely an 80s adventure/rpg


charming and impenetrable?


also very slow and user unfriendly


the pinnacle of games as art!


the greatest innovation of emulators is the fast forward key


anyone playing last bible 3? thoughts?


can’t risk distorting the True Vision, must sit through all loading screens

look forward to snexploration podcast episode #1225 in…43 years


i’m in it for the music, presentation, grotesque monster designs, and uncanny vibes & it’s definitely delivering so far. i just rode an airship to my first day of school, which is actually just a dragon-quest style tower where the teachers are boss fights.


ohhh, this sounds good


oh shit that owns


RHDN has an (new) option to patch your shit online if you can’t figure out how to use an IPS patcher.

As an added bonus, loading a ROM file will generate CRC32, MD5, and SHA1 hashes!

SHA1 hashes!? Oh shiiiiiiiit!


by ‘can’t figure out how’ I assume you mean “this patch was made and is only compatible with a patcher released in 1998 for Windows 3.x exclusively and if you don’t have it you’re shit out of luck”


This patch is only available as an AIFF of the creator reading off the binary of the file from a handwritten notepad. He has made some mistakes, but the location and nature of these mistakes is trivial for anyone with a passable knowledge of the inner workings of the solaris kernel. To apply, simply find and correct the errors and use any IPS patcher compatible with SINTRAN III to apply the patch.

NOTE: this patch currently only works with the Lithuanian version of the ROM after applying this(broken geocities link) specific Hungarian-language translation patch. the developer is working on adding support for other versions of the ROM, though, so stay tuned! (last update: 3-12-2001)


I’m not really getting where rompatcher.js supports your esoteric shit from 1998. Most patches people are going to encounter are going to be IPS, and LIPS handles those pretty well.

(Also, rompatcher.js not limited to RHDN, which makes it a bit more useful, but I’m rarely fucking with things outside of IPS).

(edit: how many fucking patching formats has byuu made? jesus)


not a translation or romhack, but a tool for romhacking!

CadEditor is capable of doing level editing (varying degrees of such, mind you) for over 100 different old console games.

I’ll be waiting on one of y’all to make Tom & Jerry: Minus Infinity.


are these people fucking serious?


this might be that new one that was a more literal translation of the japanese version