Translations and ROMhacks II


How much more literal can you get than “Watch out! You’re gonna crash! Ahhh!”


Hoping for a War of the Lions-style rewrite.




but yeah it’s just straightfoward subtitles for the japanese audio instead of closed captioning for the english version

there are some differences here or there but it’s mainly just what you’d expect out of a dry translation


ooh woah-woah


you see in the japanese audio there are multiple woahs instead of the one in english anyway welcome to part 3 of my ongoing youtube series pointing out the




I mean Sonic does say DAMNIT in the Japanese dub at one point. So hopefully they captured the random dousing of English words to show Sonic is really cool.




Fuck yeah, some Majin Tensei.


that dude says the relationship between the stories of MT I & II can be enjoyed going ‘either way’
that’s…a weird way of looking at it.


I think what he’s trying to say is that you don’t need to have played them in any particular order because they’re isolated from each other. I want to say that Majin Tensei I takes place after II.

We are missing out on the superior Heroine, though.


I was trying to find a Resident Evil randomizer or something, and found this list of randomizers.

Not sure if it’s already been posted, but here it is again if anybody missed it.


this rules


after FIVE BILLION YEARS it is finally finished!

for those who are bummed about more licensed robot wars, this is an original robot wars! no licensed properties, afaik.


love that slur in the description

#160 game descriptions are always bad unfortunately :frowning:




Many game descriptions on RHDN were carried over from the earliest versions of the site and never reviewed, so you’ll still occasionally find one that basically boils down to “I have no idea what is going on in this weird mess” or “I hate this kind of shit so uh don’t ask me about it”. Until someone gets around to writing something more sensible.

It looks like it’s been rewritten in the past quarter-day to something more useful, since I don’t see a slur. But I might be particularly slur-blind today.

Anyway this game is mad aesthetic. Good music. Good pixels. Glad to see it finally get done.
Now I can be neurotic about the various ports/remakes/sequels.

oh, and I don’t usually back killallnerds.exe but I will do it for a Zelda CD-I reference


ah yep, it looks like they updated it. someone must have brought it up. nice!