Translations and ROMhacks II


I would love to use the translation plugin if there were any in simplified Chinese. Playing an rpg-style game in another language always appealed to me, and this seems like the perfect way to try, yet I’m not trying to learn Japanese any time soon.


In case you wanted to play simultaneous 2-player Super Mario.



I need to spend some time actually looking at the files and reading the whole page, but from what I can tell, it’s using script dumps and dictionaries to do that stuff. Rikai is being used for the J > E stuff and the LUA files handle the pointers and stuff. As long as you have a Chinese dump (or a Chinese release/translation and an English dump, depending on how you want to do this), a Chinese dictionary file, and the pointers, you should be good. The BoF2 plugin might be a good place to start to get an idea of all this as it’s pretty simplistic vs the FFVI plugins (for example).



at some point i’d like to host an e.g. dropbox folder that just has a big archive of all (within reason) the most up-to-date pre-patched roms. for some reason this is one of those things i do compulsively when compiling romsets, and up-to-date translations are always the thing you’re missing when you download big sets of roms


A Digimon World randomizer! I really want to try this.


A “beta” release for the Seven Mansions English fan-translation was posted to the RHDN forum earlier.

This is a full translation of the game. That includes the whole script of the game, graphic assets, subtitles for the videos and audios that affected the gameplay.
The game has been fully tested on nulldc & demul emulators

Here’s a video of them playing it.





I must note this once every year or three, but every time this topic gets a new post in it I check and hope it is the day that Moon: Remix RPG Adventure finally gets its translation patch.

One of these days…


English translation for 7th Dragon 2020-II just got posted to RHDN. I still need to finish the first – I recall enjoying what i played. Official blog post.


7th dragon series is pretty neat and basically ignored by etrian odyssey diehards




bring back the Select Button if… header


With Majin Tensei 2 being mostly done elsewhere, don´t expect any further Megami Tensei work out of AGTP. No updated patch for SMT1, no back-porting of if…´s work into SMT2, no Majin Tensei 1. I´m done. To those who were looking forward to the aforementioned, I truly apologize. Maybe focus on cleaning up your community.

I swore off dealing with the Megami Tensei fandom about a decade ago now, and I’ve never regretted it.

Also, a good time to bring out the Zombie School Girl avatar from if…


Dare I ask what kind of awful it is?


To avoid getting too much into it, I want to say c. late 2004-ish it got pretty… I don’t know how to describe it other than “4chan-ish”, if that makes sense, but with a lot less racism (I’m sure that changed, and I’m sure it only got worse). I think Gideon Zhi saw and dealt a lot of the entitlement that comes with fandoms with content that’s never been released outside of its home country, and add on top of that the fandom is probably largely teenagers and young adults.

I remember Gideon Zhi losing (or almost losing) a lot of bug reports during the beta testing of the SMT2 fan translation in like, 2003 or 2004, because some trolls wiped the forum they were posted on.

I had a radical time during a very small window with some Megami Tensei fans back in the day, but was repulsed most of the time. This is probably the same with a lot of fandoms, I just never got too deep into any of them, and I got to the point where I realized I didn’t actually want to argue with people on the internet about stupid shit, which is what those seem to invite.


this shouldn’t be too surprising given that atlus actively courts a 4chan anime weeb that keeps talking about “waifus” demographic

SMT fandom seemed especially prone to people idly developing pet conspiracies and harassing people based on those, but its not unusual for modern internet fandoms in general (cf any modern popular cartoon network thing)


Endless complaining about Gideon not releasing the SMT If… patch

The Megaten fanbase is weird for me because (judging by the subreddit) I almost always agree with them about the games yet they are awful garbage people