Translations and ROMhacks II


Majin Tensei II English patch is out.


Been playing some of this SMW hack. I like it, the visuals are like if Nintendo had contracted Sega Technical Institute to do a map pack sequel in '92.


you are like a little babey, watch this


tell me more about the metal max games, i’ve never played one


I only have experience with the SNES game Metal Max Returns, but as I understand, the series largely focuses on more open-ended, western RPG sensibilities, coupled with an intentional Mad Max aesthetic (the title isn’t a coincidence). Rather than a linear plot, you explore large overworlds and hunt down bounties to give you the resources the go further out and hunt more bounties. You ride a tank and can customize it how you like. If you have a fondness for older JRPGs, the Metal Max experiment is super worth looking into just because of how it plays with what you expect from more linear games. In that way, it may be closer to SaGa, or other Kawazu RPGs.

Don’t play Metal Max Xeno, it’s trash in all sensibilities. I don’t know what the hell happened there.


Also, the PS2 game is one of those games that will let you get a bad ending early by rejecting the call to action. (Linked tweet has a video of it.)


fucking hell i’m gonna have to download all of these over christmas aren’t i


I think Metal Max Returns is a remake of the first one, so there’s not much point in playing Metal Max 1 because Returns rules

Returns is the best game in the series because it has Shining Force-like blocky square by square movement with huge sprites, and you can rent tanks


I went looking through the notes just now and you’re right, Returns is in fact a remake. The people who hacked the NES version seem to agree that they think the NES version had better sound, which is a smallish detail, but something worth noting. I also agree with them that experiencing something of this scope and this experimental on the NES is its own kind of novelty. I don’t know if it’s worth playing both, but it’s nice to have the option.


metal max games are cool ideas executed in the most boring manner possible.


I’d say Metal Max Returns is worth maybe a dozen hours but understand that it literally goes nowhere and is interested in greedily parsing its content out behind a wall of grinding. I don’t think it’s Kawazu-like, in that it doesn’t really encourage experimentation or have multiple clashing unexplained systems waiting to be exploited.

But it’s got tanks! And rockin’ tunes!

Peruse the enemy sprites, they’re great


if confronted about it, do you think elon musk would fund the translation of linda cubed again and cyber doll before filing for bankruptcy




oh yeah boy

for anyone who doesn’t know what this game is:

btw the full title of this game is:
TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga: Lazberia Chronicle Chapter 174


tearring/berwick saga are like, what if fire emblem was actually good, right?


Title is an automatic disqualification


linkle liver story has been translated, which is a nice surprise


whoa nice




godzilla: kaiju daishingeki got translated!

i wrote about it a few years ago