Translations and ROMhacks II


oh wow this is gorgeous


FINE! Fuck it!


It was a cool game, yeah. I don’t really remember it having a bad translation though.


It’s real cool. The bosses and levels are thoughtfully designed around firebrand’s hovering ability. I’d put it on par with Bionic Commando in how well your moveset clicks in with the design. Positioning is important and you’re constantly challenged in your ability to maneuver. I don’t know why you would need to retranslate it though. Did I miss something?


The README said the original translation cut a lot of text.


a couple of weeks late on this


I was going to ask if this had anything to do with Kenji Miyazawa and then I click the link to discover that’s exactly what it is about!

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earthbound has been translated! (not that one)

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The GameGear version of Last Bible has been translated.

A Japanese to American English translation patch has been released for a Game Gear RPG called Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible. The project was a collaboration between Supper (the hacker) and Tom (the translator).

The game, a remake, expands on the contents of the original version (which was released for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color). The Game Gear version has a more fleshed-out story, revised events, and two different endings.

The hack adds a variable width font and small pauses at punctuation. (For those who prefer not to have pausing at punctuation, it is possible to disable this feature through an in-game menu.)

The typeface is pretty dire, though…

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This patch only have a few inserted texts (items messages/characters names/locations names), all the other texts are IDs like
“[Levels XXX-YYY]”. Three text files are included with this page, and you should refer to them to read the actual translation
of the game.

In the actual state, we don’t have enough room to reinsert all the texts in the game without making it crash so we choose this

This patch is released because the translator didn’t got news from her hacker since a year so she guess he dropped the project, which made her release the english text files of her translation.

If one day a full translation hack of this game is released, it’ll be nice but meanwhile, this is the only way to play the game
in english. If you like it, fine. If you don’t, play the game in japanese.

But if someone have PSX hacking knowledge, feel free to contact us at

Basically, with just a font modification, we could have done a proper graphical DTE and probably insert all of the texts.

There is also another method, the actual text routine use 2 bytes per character (SHIFT-JIS). If it was modified to only use one byte per character, the whole translation could also be reinserted.


Somebody made a randomizer for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

This randomizer has the following flags:
    e  Randomize enemy stats.
    f  Randomize demon races (fusion recipes) and alignments.
    n  Randomize nakama (demon allies).
    s  Randomize demon skills.

Additionally, the level of randomness can be adjusted to your preference. A value of 0 changes virtually nothing, a value of 1 is extremely unbalanced (i.e., final boss stats in Antlia), and 0.5 is the recommended, default setting.

Somebody should make a Harvest Moon randomizer.

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There’s a colorization patch for Super Mario Land now.


kinda wished they had hacked in an extra color-based dungeon but that might be a lot to ask for. this is good

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cool and unnecessary just how i like em



RHDN seems too generally have some pretty weird history behind it. Remember I once found a twitter user who was very mad about something Gideon had said or something and on their profile page they were linking to this bizarro version of RHDN with inverted colours and a surprisingly active forums where people where discussing the development of the most offensive possible romhacks they could come up with and how much they hated the original site for driving them off a few years ago.



I think at this point RHDN has uploaded and already since removed those shitty old edgy hacks, which was a pretty curious situation. The wording of “might ‘attract’ undesirable attention to SJWs” is a pretty crazy statement considering it sounds like a carefully worded excuse where you use a maybe-pejorative term to describe the person you’re supposedly defending. I never know the political leaning of the site in general but I always go into threads on there with skepticism. Feel like I’ve run into a few backwards weirdos.