touhou music thread


new house set



going through reitaisai crossfades since releases are in a few days

this one has a fun sound

editing more in as i go through


i almost skipped this one after the first track but this one track makes me want to necrodancer



Fuck i burst out laughing that’s wonderful


little typical doujin rock but pretty nice


speaking of typical doujin rock, i remember liking this one


chill piano & bass


i am linking mostly because this sounds 99% like modern etrian odyssey town music to my ears

blopa’s been uploading cool stuff to youtube lately

admittedly i’m just linking this since it had just been awhile since i’d seen katzeh art for anything


Really fucking good remix of the LoLK final boss theme


i missed that demetori did an llk album, somehow

reimu’s theme as heavy metal last boss theme works for me

also: rip blopa and all those embeds to blopa vids i did


keep forgetting to post stuff here

not as good as the first album he did but I love the HSiFS stage 1 remix it opens with

this guy does some neat accordion arranges

I like this guy’s mmx arranges way more than i expected to

this one is just stupid, but impressive


the last track on this album has been stuck in my head for several hours now

also by the way touhou itself is on steam now


Crypt of the Satoridancer

Xi-on’s next album sounding real good.

Hatsunetsu Miko’s are back with more disco dance goodness, too.


randomly bumped into this one and i like it


i’m catching up on c93/reitaisai stuff and what the heck even is this



edit: on a related note, i really appreciate some of the arranges to HSiFS tracks


Love it when a new touhouse set drops :musical_note:


This channel has some amazing piano covers


feel like this arguably belongs here?