touhou music thread

my life just wouldn’t be complete without repetitive, catchy high-bpm melody lines, flamboyant horn sections and bVI - bVII - i chord structures. speed jazz fusions of these songs are generally even better!

in no particular order:

this channel has a whole bunch of half-hour long live touhou piano melodies that are quite good but which i am too lazy to go through and post (other people are welcome to, though):

other stuff in the genre is also okay to post here:


so, like, on the one hand: a bunch of dudes wearing fedoras, headphones and kimonos are playing music from a doujin game while a guy with a sack on his hand dances in the background

on the other hand, it’s really good

I can’t get over sack dude. Why is he there? Is he the hype man? The mascot? Why a sack? What does his face say? Is it the same guy every time or is this some kind of new ritualistic sacrificial ceremony to help produce a good recording? The world needs to know.


People will make touhou music with anything


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note: this is marasy with an acoustic band

Sin sack is for sinners. (literally 罪 = tsumi = sin) It’s a meme. It has never made sense. Blame IOSYS. I want to say it came from that one really dumb music video they made but it probably predates that…

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quite fond of the jazz arranges here, all of cafe de touhou is solid too

I really like the stuff Buta-Otome does:

Also A-One does some nice Italo-Disco/80s style stuff:

And normal disco:


heaven or hell, let’s rock

Been a minute since I’ve heard this one.

it’s still good and i got reminded of it again today

this is a pretty cool album

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@ClickAgain bad meowpple

— Persona @ AX2016 K2 (@personasama) June 4, 2016

That PoDD arrange is pretty rad.

If I had to describe IOSYS these days, it’s “Technically very competent, but honestly kind of boring.” Not bad, but certainly not trying to break any ground.

c90 up soon, lots of crossfades showing up. have xi-on’s

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more of the c90 crossfades



while poking at crossfades i also ran into a german group that releases EDM albums at comiket

they have a bandcamp, surprisingly competent sounding

Question: Is ZUN getting royalties for all of this stuff?

Or, at least getting paid for the rights to use his characters in, say spinoff games and his music in arrange albums?

Touhou got pretty big. I can’t imagine people just using his intellectual property as if it were PD