touhou music thread

There are restrictions on what you can make and where you can sell it, but he doesn’t see a dime of the derivative works.

He sells out almost instantaneously of the official works, though, so he definitely gets his share. And the rate of official works has been slowly increasing over the years; there’s several concurrent manga now, for example.

The restrictions are actually a serious pain in the butt for the western audience that wants to make stuff because there’s a lot of “Hey, sell it at conventions, nerds.”

I wish to sell my derivative Touhou game, “Touhoumon GO” at the virtual convention, “Apple Appstore,” for the period of “forever,” thank you ZUN.

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Honestly, with the direction Touhou’s going…


You might even be able to eventually!

(There actually IS a full Pokemon clone game out. Not a romhack, an actual standalone! It’s very GBA.)

W-what? What Touhou game would you need a Hori stick for? The Senkou no Ronde-esque one?

In my head, I’m too used to thinking of Touhou as a keyboard game, even though it’s just a shmup.

Also, I saw that Pokeclone game! I wonder if it’s made using RPG Maker and the Pokemon clone engine fans have made for it. I’d play it if there’s an English patch. (There’s probably an English patch, huh?)

I assume that these sticks are some kind of cross-promo with the officially-licensed Ronde clone. I wonder if that game was actually any good.

On topic, I’ve been bumping those disco arrange discs as work BGM for a couple days now.

The fighting game’s been confirmed for PS4.

With a new character.

You still don’t need a stick because it doesn’t have motions, though?

I don’t understand where this franchise is going. I think it’s kind of BS if Friends Of ZUN get favorable treatment in the selling out, while everyone else is left behind.

But considering how ZUN doesn’t make any money from all the fan stuff, isn’t it fair for him and his friends to get their share of the sell out party?

Kinda late, really.

If I were in his place, yeah I’d totally do it too.

As someone who used to work on fan tls though, I kind of really wanted to see more of the doujin culture become available to westerners; we got pretty locked out by it being a convention-only thing. So going the full commercial route makes a lot of sense for the fans, but it doesn’t export of any of what made the franchise what it is in the first place, you know? A bit of a letdown.

an arranger that’s done two songs apparently ever

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c91 preview stuff starting to show up

xi-on is great as usual

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dullahan under the willows is probably my favorite ddc song, haven’t seen a lot of remixes for it though


Some good stuff from c91

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i actually missed that demetori had a new album! it sounds exactly like all their other albums

acoustic guitar pcb aw yeah

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Another good one from C91
Probably my favorite this time around, shame its not uploaded on youtube anywhere

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Hatsunetsu Mikos are Good


get your moogs on

This guy does some really good chiptune remixes

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fun pcb remix