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Incidentally, which is more likely in y’all’s opinion:

  • Intel enters GPU market for realsies
  • AMD pulls a rabbit out of their hat

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I’m curious where AMD is at with raytracing; Microsoft incorporating it in DirectX suggests it’ll definitely make next gen, but i don’t know how marginal that is with the ground AMD needs to make up to Nvidia’s insanely huge GPUs now which barely cut it.


but Intel is entering the GPU market for realsies next year


is this an appropriate place for headphone buyin’ advice???

my 10+ year old grados have fallen apart and were never that comfortable in the first place, i’ve tried those audio technicas everyone likes and they’re like a fucking vice even with nicer pads

i need some comfy headphones!!! looking at the beyer dynamic stuff and sony mdr-1a, that kind of price range


only Apple have so far been able to roughly match the per watt gains of maxwell. If Intel or AMD can finally do that, no one has a real fab advantage, so it’ll be then on Nvidia to deliver more. 7nm RTX should be fine but it won’t be as competitive as they’ve been.



further to this, I’m more interested in whether anyone can challenge Nvidia for the compute market – CUDA has effectively killed OpenCL and AMD seems to have no intention of adopting it, which pretty much limits them to consumer GPUs.

The power consumption for 7nm Ryzen also doesn’t look particularly impressive, though that really only prevents them from making laptop chips, since x86 doesn’t scale indefinitely the way GPUs do and the only downside is slightly less efficient desktops and consoles. not sure if it should bode badly for the competitiveness of 7nm AMD GPUs too, that’s the real question there.

the best outcome is probably Intel putting some pressure on Nvidia’s GPUs, because I know they actually have the R&D budget to do more when pressed (and Intel hasn’t felt like competing with anyone on price in ages, so presumably they’d want to hit high). I don’t think AMD has the capacity to be competitive beyond “making a decent cheap version of thing on half-decade intervals to be put into consoles,” which is fine really, especially if they can continue to meaningfully undercut Intel on servers.


honestly I’d almost be happy that the console generation is winding down just in time for AMD to ship something that’s probably going to be pretty good on all fronts before they fall behind again

I imagine we’ll get something like a ryzen 2600x matched with an rtx 2070 in the PS5, which will be like a 3x CPU improvement and a 4x+ GPU improvement on the PS4


since they quit updating mpc-hc is there some new preferred thing over mpc-hc + madvr + reclock for movie watching



mpc-hc is in the notepad++ category of “I have no idea why windows people still use this in favour of the cross-platform app that’s been superior for years” imo

(though I still use vlc if I’m watching something on my projector from the couch because it handles HDR properly + has a web/app remote, it’s a lot fussier and uses more CPU even in hwdec secnarios and breaks things from build to build)


yeah mpv rules


can you use madvr with mpv

isn’t mpv the thing I tried using my last trip in linux land that didn’t even have a user interface


it has an OSD!!! and lots of keyboard shorcuts!!!

it’s also genuinely cool to me just how little CPU it uses with hwdec, my mpv.conf just says


and the CPU usage is like <2% when watching a 4K HEVC


I knew this was going to be some shit about how efficiently coded it is. god dammit I’m after the best cinema picture quality here, no matter the system resources it takes.

thank you for the recommendations, I’m now going to ignore them and go with mpc-be


I’ve probably asked this a bunch of places (maybe even here?) and keep forgetting to save or bookmark the information, but -

A coworker of mine gave me a Ryzen 2400G processor. I think by now most of the motherboards that use it have the latest BIOS pre-installed (before that, you needed to get a loaner from AMD to install the update), so I’m not too worried about that. As long as I get some decent DDR4 memory and an OK power supply I think it’ll work out OK.

But, better value be damned, I’m not really looking to do a lot of actual PC gaming on it. Indie games, sure, but mostly I wanna use it for emulation (up to/including Wii and PS2, hopefully) and maybe streaming/capture. The processor’s integrated graphics are surprisingly decent, but would I be better off grabbing a low end card to go with it? A 1050 or whatever the AMD equivalent is?

Honestly I’d be fine using the integrated card, but I guess if I can stream it to my Shield TV, it might be worth getting an Nvidia card to go with.


i just bought the 6-core/8gb for music production & i’m pretty happy with it! i figured i’d be struggling without more ram & planned on upgrading it myself immediately but it’s doing well so far


Nvidia just announced Pascal and newer will support regular freesync at last so that’s nice


since no one responded to this, I would say you don’t need a GPU. the onboard graphics on this thing should be at least half as good as a 1050 Ti (close to those of a PS4) and the first gen Ryzen APUs also have very few PCIe lanes such that external GPUs will never perform quite as well with them. Should be trivial to run dolphin with it.


Ah nice, good to know! I guess in that case I can get away with one of those little cube or low-profile cases.