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Routinely copying things over SATA makes me feel like I’m actually making use of 12 threads lol


get that meltdown kernel call in there yeah

I have like 1TB to spare all told right now and I cannot fit anything else in this case so unless I permanently Velcro a USB3 external to the side as I’ve done with my PS4, my storage needs tend to only go up by ~200GB a year, hopefully by 2024 I can get one of those fancy 12TB drives for <$200

I’m very extra about this


mostly I’m wondering when 7nm ryzen ports from PS5 will make 4 cpu threads unacceptable and whether I’ll feel like finally doing a whole new build by then or whether I’ll just eBay a 3770K and ride it until my GPU needs an upgrade in like… 2028

kind of looking forward to the idea of 12 tflops pushing me back down to 720p30 in a decade


Sometimes those super cheap external drives don’t have a normal SATA drive with a USB to SATA board, instead drive has the USB connector on it directly

This is probably more likely with 2.5" drives where small physical dimensions are a selling point, but be wary


i put my computer together last week and have been really really happy with it so far. the case is pretty large, but that’s fine as it is extremely quiet and that is extremely important to me. i sprung for some nice things like a Fractal Design Refine R6 case (the black one without the tempered glass; what a waste of another potential noise-dampening foam surface, plus glass sides just look gaudy to me) and a Noctua NH-U12S for a CPU cooler. with everything put together, it’s just so fucking quiet.

seriously i’ve lived with loud computers my entire life and i’m fucking sick of it. noise is poison, it actively makes your life worse in subtle ways. quiet computing is so much fucking better


This looks nice! I’ve been looking for a new case. Do you happen to know what the “Blackout” editions of this line of cases are? Fractal Designs’ site is not forthcoming


Blackout is just their “blacker” black coloring scheme. the normal black one has white fans and panels, etc. the blackout one has grey fans and panels. the one i got is called “gunmetal”

it is an extremely good case. like, holy shit, building was a breeze, good cable management, built-in fans are great and quiet, airflow is adequate. it comes with a fan controller too!

most of all, it doesn’t look embarrassing. it’s a nice piece of hardware



I think I’m going to get a white one with a window!


that’s crazy, if you don’t get one with tempered glass, how will you see all the pretty lights you put in it


I already cover every led I see on a thing with tape, the last thing I’d ever do is put lights in a computer and a big window on the side


I bought a new 200 dollar battery backup just because the new model doesn’t have a giant always on glowing blue lcd display on the front


I didn’t think I would, but I like the pretty lights!

My computer is under a desk in the basement, and the lights are off when it is on standby so I’m not worried about the visual pollution


you guys just need to pick your colors better

my case has nice deep red lights on the intake and back and I’ve turned the BRIGHT, BLINDING WHITE LEDS on my ram off so, even though I am eye level with my computer case when laying down in bed, it’s not actually making a lot of light pollution

I’m thoroughly convinced at this point that 4 threads is already starting to become the limiting factor in some AAA titles as I watch BFV load all of my 16 threads with at least 50-60% just running around with nothing else on screen but the environment

and then I turn around and see that breadbox with a stock 2500k and R9 290 can now run MHW maxed at 1080p60 and realize that we’re all doomed and the split for future console SoCs will probably be tilted further in favor of GPU


as it should!


Is there any reason a home user doing normal prosumer photo/audio work would need 10 gigabit ethernet? Speccing a computer out for a family member.



It shouldn’t be a very expensive feature nowadays though, if it’s another $20 on the mobo just get the better mobo, it’ll probably be worth it one way or another


They want a Mac (lol)


oh! good! what Mac is that feature available or not on?

honestly my philosophy with buying Macs is “if the cheapest configuration (with maybe one disk or memory upgrade but ideally not both) isn’t good, get a different model Mac or wait,” their upgrade margins are much worse than their baseline margins


The mini, which seems to have a $799 config to come in under $1,000, and a $1,100 config that gets a hexacore and 256GB SSD up from 128GB. RAM is user-accessible thank goodness, because they come with 8GB by default with a $200 upgrade to 16GB.

This is going to be parked at a desk for music production that’s already got peripherals and displays, so it’s really the best option imo.


yeah the new mini is a-OK in my book, main issues are the value (in that a lot of x86 has been totally flat for five years, apple is not uniquely worse in this respect) and the lack of GPU options but if you’re not worried about those then go for it