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for how good maxwell was they really haven’t felt like supporting it, which is kind of obnoxious given how architecturally similar it is


a generational improvement on haswell is C O M I N G


Finally, the backlash to gamer styling has started


If my laptop doesn’t weigh 30 pounds, look like it was crudely hewn from an alien skull and jammed full of DaFont dot com keys and RGB LEDs, and go from 100% battery to 10% in 45 minutes, it just ain’t worth gaming on.


peter bright makes me absolutely mental because he’s the kind of person who is like… fundamentally obsessed with Microsoft Windows as “the way computers would be” and that they assign him to write stuff like


just makes me want to read ars less because it’s like… this guy has existed in some form for decades, he’s annoying, he has one opinion and eight million different ways of explaining it as though it matters to anyone but him in his own idiosyncratic world

honestly the main thing I miss from the heyday of x86 Macs is the tech press regarding them as objectively technically sound because it meant that we were getting past this shit

I guess he’s qualified to write about gamer laptops though


I wish there were a tech news site staffed entirely by gnome developers, I’m pretty sure that the people paid to write aggressively modern UX for the OS with an audience of people who are largely repulsed by it would produce tolerable copy


Honestly it’s the subhead

T2: Great movie, great chip

that got my goat


arse technical


Imagine listening to this man doing a Nick Lowe song at karaoke. Imagine how sweaty he would be. Imagine how far down his shirt would be unbuttoned. I can imagine this. Can you?

Somehow I accidentally posted this to the politics thread. 2 hours ago. I’m reposting it here. I’m making my shame public.


I mean I know and love a lot of sweaty gen X tech dudes but none of them are paid by conde nast to endlessly debate the value proposition of apple products

it’s like if Visual Basic had a mortgage


incidentally have I ever mentioned how much I love that the main hackintosh forums are on a site called



it’s like GBAtemp not having much to do with the GBA anymore except for Tony


post ironic gamer styling fetishism starts in 6 months then


Normcore x Techwear


What is the 2018 version of a KVM? Software that shares the device input? I searched KVM on Amazon and legit turned up generic peripherals with VGA ports on them and it’s SEO’d to hell on Google.


There are USB switches:

I just have one USB extender each from my laptop and my desktop and plug a hub with my mouse and keyboard into whichever one I want to control. I have a display port switch for video. Not the most elegant, not terrible, at least it’s functional.



Re: KVMs – It depends. I went down this rabbit-hole a couple months ago, couldn’t find any great options.

Wound up buying this thing:

Failed pretty badly for me because… unclear. Maybe because my monitor is old and uses DVI, so I had to put in an HDMI to DVI converter cable? Or maybe (more likely) because it was driving a 16:10 monitor instead of 16:9? Something else? I’ll never know the exact cause.

Gave it to a buddy, works great for him (although the keyboard and mouse ports are super basic, so media keys, side mouse buttons, etc. won’t work if you don’t figure out some other way to use the single USB port).

If you find something you like, @ me, I’ve been too lazy to go back down the rabbit hole and try again. I just keep going behind the desk to rewire things like an animal when I’m switching from work laptop to gaming PC.


gonna take a wild guess that their 7nm card being this huge means that AMD has still not really caught up on efficiency

ship that PS5 asap before Nvidia can be bothered to adopt the process technology that will functionally make them a whole generation ahead again


‘we almost caught up with a chip that was so far ahead it could dedicate a huge silicon budget to next-gen features we’re not even attempting to represent. On a different process step’

not inspiring


just had to disable swap and migrate my home directory out of ecryptfs on my venue 11 pro of theseus because it was starting to hang on writes too reliably

I’m pretty sure the SSD is dying three months after I had to replace the motherboard because I sheared off a ribbon cable trying to replace the docking board after the connection with the keyboard was getting too unreliable

I refuse to get rid of this before intel 10nm