Tom's Hardware of Finland


also had to mail my 4K projector to Brampton Ontario because the fan stopped and it told me it was shutting off right away. It was still under warranty thankfully but kind of a nuisance technology week for me


My new case and ssd arrive tomorrow woo


What’s everybody else looking forward to from SHOT SHOW? I’m hoping for an RMR with a top loading battery from Trijicon


I’ll never get over the time they engraved Biblical passages on their ACOGs.


They put those on everything. I got 2 Peter 1:19 on my rmr


hey @felix I have a bunch of mpeg 2 ts files that are fuckin huge and i want to make them small

i have a honkin intel cpu and a gtx 1080, what is my best option for converting a bunch of crap dvr’d from ota? the source isn’t amazing to begin with so quality is less important than fire & forget

using the “fast 480p30” profile in handbrake with the normal x264 codec in handbrake seems fine, using nvenc was fast but 2x the file size, quicksync i havent tested because i’d have to enable the igpu but i could do that if its worth it. x265 nvenc was smaller but took longer, still processing the x265 cpu-only


see the second answer here:

nvenc doesn’t support crf so it’s a little bit more annoying to tune but it is fast as hell



yeah you have to tune it (see the answer on that thread) to get results as efficient as x264 defaults


This new case is great! I’ve been using 100% CPU for hours, and it’s running at 57C with the fans barely audible

I set up the case lighting to change in response to system load. It’s so ridiculous and I love it

And I put a new 2TB SSD in and it’s soo nice to have the scratch space, I never really just let myself do stuff and worry about the cleanup later

It doesn’t really photograph well, but look at this dumb thing


the noctua d15 is a brute masterpiece


So, yesterday morning to today, noon:

Contrary to km’s case, the bitfenix phenom is not exactly worthy of name phenom, more like venom… j/k, ok, but it sucks, so that’s why i ripped out all internals again and will order a new case.

It all started off right from the bat with issues when i tried installing the PSU, because that’s installed in the front third of the case, and supposed to blow out of the bottom. The power cord extension cable had to do a 270° turn to fit in, so that didn’t fit properly without some stress on the powercord.
Anyway, the cabling of the right case side is too short for taking it off properly, so you always have to angle it at somewhere around 80-120° to keep it open.
Next up, installing the mainboard, and since i already plugged in the ATX-mobo-cabling to not put too much stress on the mobo when installed, it almost didn’t slide in anymore.

putting in the SSDs (supposedly provides space for 6 according to the manual) is a nightmare: you have a tray that can hold 3SSDs, though you cannot use the daisy-chained connectors of the PSU since they are connected via curved cabling… so, since i thankfully stick to buying bequiet PSUs, I had some connectors from my last two builds i could use.
The next two SSDs are supposed to be installed into the right side of the case, but then you have even more issues for opening the right side sincw the SATA cables are a bit on the shorter side…

When everything was connected together, i did a test run booting a ubu live stick. The boxed cooler of the CPU was relarively silent, true, but if you do have a proper, noctua cooled ryzen7 that’s less noisy/basically still silent under load, that’s a no-go. So i went and brought home a noctua HTPC cooler and yeah, - 4°C when idling and no sound from CPU at all - that’s more like it.

I had to leave since i met friends in the evening, and continued this morning… Only to discover that i barely can close the right side lid due to the cabling of the SSD tacked onto the right side lid… and when, finally, everything was in its place - finally found out that the power button/reset button module seems to have an issue with its connectors, sometimes it works, sometimes not… out of the case the components went, i connected everything together, and it instantly worked, so… that case is going back tomorrow.



That is a lot of SSDs! and are those… wood-handled screwdrivers?



Why do you have so many SSDs?


That’s going to be my NAS,…

… yes, and i kind of dislike those last gen platters, so… as soon as i got the last good deal on the last two missing disks, i went for it and bought all the rest. One of the disks has already seen some demo-usage, and all have been bought from different places, to ensure that there’s as low a chance of having an identical batch as possible. Next week i’ll try to rack up some dummy-running time, to ensure they’re not mint anymore before delving into ZFS.

Also, that Noctua-cooler is pretty cool, literally and figuratively, you wouldn’t believe it idles at 26°C with that tiny footprint.

Also also, i may get the chieftek cube case for it, haven’t found a better alternative yet, and my chieftek case for the Phenom-build has been, for ten years by now, phenomenal.


I have replaced the SSD. with the wrong size drive in more ways than one (no one makes 2260 m2 anymore so I had to get a 2242 and some tape, plus it’s 120g instead of 128g so of course instead of being able to do ddrescue I had a multi hour rsync nightmare). this poor notebook wanted to die a year ago. but we trundle on.


Are there any PC laptops on the horizon with screens that accurately cover the DCI-P3 color space? All I can find now is the MacBook Pro and that’s too expensive, especially considering it’s using AMD graphics.


do what everyone else is doing: wait for a 10nm MBP (that doesn’t need AMD graphics) and pray they don’t fuck it up


correct me if i am wrong, but wasn’t it apple that was interested in the Intel/AMD combo?
If so, it’d be unlikely that the do a turnaround soon, wouldn’t it?


yeah, I’m not expecting them to go back to Nvidia, I’m expecting the Intel GPUs in the lower end models to be good enough