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Alright, I still…don’t know anything about building a PC, but.

I’ve got a mini-ITX case on the way and am looking at power supplies. There…shouldn’t be an issue with using an ATX power supply the case manufacturer recommends themselves, right? It’s not being flagged as an issue on PC Part Picker, so I’m assuming it’s safe?

It’s got more than enough voltage overhead to cover a 1050 Ti if I ever wanna give it a bump from the APU, so I’m hoping I’m good with 430W. Seems like 600W would be overkill for APU and a discrete card down the line.


PSU fit in ITX cases can be iffy, I’d definitely follow the manufacturer’s recommendation if it doesn’t already come with one included and the price isn’t gouging

and yeah happy to rep “running an overclocked Titan X on 450w” over here any time

granted there’s a reason I’m so down on AMD itt, I am pretty demanding about efficiency


Yeah, my whole reason for going AMD is entirely on the fact that I’ve got a 2400g I was given that’s been sitting in my closet for a few months now.

I keep reading that 3.2GHz DDR4 is best for that APU, but uhhhhh would 3.0 even be cutting it too close?

Memory is expensive as hell and I’m trying to get away with the best price/performance I can at 8 GB for under $100.


the performance increase from RAM speed on Ryzen pretty much plateaus at DDR4-3000; you should only invest in faster memory if you intend on using the APU’s integrated graphics, which you aren’t because you’re talking about a 1050ti, so

ALSO the 1050ti is probably the fastest card to not require additional power besides what it gets from the PCI-E slot so you are plenty fine in the 400W range

MOREOVER if the ITX case you’re picking is compatible with an ATX PSU, going with an SFX PSU just opens up your options for whatever else it can hold (usually cooling options, extra drives or longer GPUs) unless it’s totally in a separate, dedicated PSU spot

here, have some damn pictures of how ATX and SFX compare in my SG13 (though honestly this is more non-modular vs fully modular but also most SFX supplies are modular because ITX cases are birthed on their own special layer of hell)

oh hey, you should probably say what case you got


Ah, I’ve got one of those Thermaltake V1 cases coming. Wanted something small and compact enough that I could tuck away without taking up too much space.

I…might lean on the integrated graphics for a while? Like the 1050ti I’m eyeballing isn’t too expensive, but it’s the whole everything else to get it up and running that will be.

I dunno! I should probably give myself a bit more time to lump some cash together and get better parts. I’m only looking to do pretty basic stuff (emulation, indie games, and some drawing, if I can find my key for Clipstudio and my tablet) while trying to keep at least a little headroom available to bump it up if I can afford it down the line.


Time for the 2nd impact:

After the Bitphenix case sucked hard, I went for the Chieftek Cubus, which is admittedly bigger, but has a nice feature i absolutely wanted to try out:

It’s a gimmick, yeah, but still: it helps when it isn’t as cramped as usual with ITX/mATX cases, and thus i’ve made quick progress with this job:

Two of the 2.5" SSDs are mounted to the bottom of both included 3.5" HDD bays, so it has been a breeze… almost like night&day compared to the former case.

All’s well that ends well,

I rest my case (pun intended, sorrrryyy~~~)


oh geez I wish my silverstone had that gimmick


If it works well and is a big help I’d say it’s not a gimmick

I like the multicolored SATA cables! I had to dig around for some matching black ones when I changed cases but having some colors would have been nice


Where did you buy this from? It’s out of stock on amazon, I can’t find any other online retailers that sell it?


Looking at that keyboard, I’d say somewhere in Germany?


exactly, i bought it over here in yurop/germany.
fwiw, i also had to resort to a reseller, since amazon itself has listed it out of stock until the end of january.

i have bought the multi-colored SATA-cables this time since I manually assigned numbers to the red ones ten years ago, when i built my RAID5 machine.

also also:
i’m calling it a gimmick since you have to take off the front fascia, plus both lids left/right, and loosen a screw each in the upper rear corners before you can tilt it forwards.
It’s cool, of course, but i doubt i will be using that too often (i. e.: very rarely)… but yeah: Compared to saturday, this time i actually had fun putting it all together, so that alone has been worth it :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I think 2020 is when I’ll be able to talk myself into buying a new computer


Alright y’all I got all the stuff to build my computer en route. Here’s hoping I don’t fry it by not knowing what I’m doing!


oh hey did I remember to tell you to not buy the 1050ti because you can get the RX 570, which runs stuff faster, for less if you look around and it comes with two games an-

oh, well

carry on


Just going with the APU graphics for now! Still time for me to make the right choice, no worries.

That said! Looks like RX 570s call for at least a 500w supply. Mine is, uh, 430w. Would…that work? Gonna guess “probably not!”


total wattage recommendations are almost always inflated on the basis that people won’t check their 12V amperage which is what really matters


that’s definitely the earliest that I expect desktop CPUs and boards to be interesting again, and we’ll have Nvidia 7nm by then too


total wattage recommendations are for people buying AMD cards


Intel must be thinking we srewed ourselves by making first couple of gens i5s and i7s so good they barely need replacements a decade later.


i need that high-end GPU for video :frowning: it’s absurd to pay $3600 for a “pro” media laptop with a gpu that’s half the speed of a 1080.