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Hey all, I’m currently looking for a decent pair of headphones that are not earbuds or in ear because my ears get all irritated having stuff in them? What are people’s recommendations for okay but still lower priced over ear stuff that’s not going to die the way headphones I buy usually do

Shrinking from ATX to mini-ITX- should I go skylake?

I’m a big fan of these:

They sound marvelous. Lifetime warranty too.


These are really good, I had a couple pairs of these.

I have also owned several pairs of these, in a similar price point/quality/comfort category:

I need go buy another pair or two to have in reserve, probably.

At work, when I want something to shut out noise around me, I’ve used these for years:


For $10 more, the 7506s are more neutral than the V6 to my ears.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000AJIF4E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_5FZSyb6GZGVTK

When the pleather ear pads start to peel, you can replace them with Beyerdynamic velour ones.

Beyerdynamic EDT250V Headphone Ear Pads Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0016MF7W2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_5HZSybNTJYWEP


I like wrap around headphones personally so I can go for a walk and wear a hat. They tend to be 15-20 dollars.
They usually only last me a few years though.


Oh, and anecdotally, my brother is still using a pair of V6s we bought in 2002 and my dad has a pair of 7506s we bought in 2007. The pads are unfortunate but it’s a nice upgrade to the velour ones. You can also easily mod a detachable cord to replace the coiled one.


This is the one complaint I have with the Sony Monitor headphones: the covering on the earpads starts to tear and flake, so it’s like you have black dandruff.

I think you can do it with the Koss, too, but one thing I like about the cheapo Audio Technicas I linked is that the lengths after the Y-split of the cords are different for each ear, so it’s easier to both wrap around the back of your head and to hang the headphones loose from your shoulders if you need to pop them off but don’t want to wind 'em up and put them in your bag yet.


These are what I use. The sound is great, they’re plenty durable, and when they finally do kick the bucket, you just ship them to HQ with a check for I think $9 and they’ll either fix them up or send you a brand new pair. I bought my first pair in like 2004 or something, and I’ve only had to send them in twice.


JVC flats, but they’ll fall apart after about 6 months. Nothing a little tape can’t fix, though.


i expected thread to be full of expensive stuff

me i like these two pairs for the 40-50 range, i have the EVO

(also in black)

they get good reviews from head-fi (1 2), i also got them largely to hear footsteps better in CSGO, debatable efficacy consider i suck at game but w/e


I would’ve been all over those Superluxes but I lucked out and snagged the Sennheisers HD598s when they dropped to $99 during Black Friday. Think they hit that price nearly every year so if you’re patient…


I have had these for two years. They still work!

I would never, ever buy a pair of headphones without a disconnectable cable in 2017 fwiw. That’s the #1 point of failure.


oh yeah i think both the superluxes have detachable cables. real nice


wow, I thought my price was good when they were $150 from MSRP $250

These are only the second nice pair of headphones I’ve owned but they’re easily my favorites! Such clear separation, makes them very good at rendering positional game audio (though sometimes too good at revealing sparse overused samples). And amazingly light and comfortable


How big of a jump are the MDR-CD900ST above the V6 and 7506s? They look real similar visually but are more than 2X the cost.


Agreed on all points, but the earpads make my ears itch for some weird reason. That’s the only knock I can put on em.


So I’m shopping for headphones! This is hard because I have a gigantic head and want a removable cable.

I could get the other pair I had again, but shopping around a bit. Down to two possibilities:

I’d need a mini-xlr adaptor for the first, bringing them to roughly the same price. They both seem nice? I hear the AKGs have build problems now since they shifted to building in China though…

I am way more concerned about durability than I am sound quality. My ears aren’t that great. I blame my anime head.


oh my god i have both of these. well the AKGs are a massdrop thing but i think it’s the same

um they’re both lightweight and comfy, though the AKG one probably more so if your head is huge ( hi )

they both sound good? neither has broken on me yet


yeah, I was leaning the AKGs too.

The Philips seem nice but they’re full-open rather than semi-open and Moderate Amounts of Noise Canceling are kind of important to me.

I have one of these so I need to pick up a mini-XLR adapter for it, though. Those seem to be a bit pricer than I was expecting.


oof true. i’ve been meaning to nab one of those for ages, i did not consider the mini-XLR factor

the semi-open definitely blocks a little noise but it’s definitely less than closed. but yeah those grilles on the Philips let everything through