That glacier stuff evoking Die Another Day better lead to Pierce Brosnan as James Bond being the villain of Final Furious.


I got bad Spectre Blofeld vibes from Charlize Theron but that may work better here.


hesitant to watch any new trailer/footage, want to keep my mind pure for the midnight showing i’m probably going to


I want disfigured burn scarring antagonist Han so bad.

I can’t wait to see F8 for the possibility of a stinger. These are the only stingers that matter.

PS. I think the propylene glycol in Corona helps you say “family” correctly.

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this would be the best possible move for the franchise imo

or long lost han twin who needs to avenge his brother’s death

or clone army of hans sent on a mission to save the planet

or recast han solo with sung kang and act like nothing has changed

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Then also riddick is in a star war

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What if Dom is helping Charlize Theron because she knows where Han is

Plot ideas that are really corny and dumb are somehow really awesome if they’re in F&F


I think they’ve already said this is the first of a trilogy so buckle your seat belt in the theater when those credits start rolling.


Or what if Dom’s mission is to cryogenically freeze the rest of the gang… He received a subspace interdimensional space time telegraph from future defrosted cyber-Han, telling him to bring the Family into the 23 century to help Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise win the trans galactic drag race championship

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I’m thinking just a slow pan to reveal a man in an unbuttoned linen shirt with a 1oz. bag of potato chips along with some Ocelot post-credits conspiratorial planning.


Don’t play with my heart!

Justin Lin’s next project is Space Jam 2 so maybe FUR10US can lead into that.

Real talk if anything Dom is revealed to be Riddick.

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U wanna ball w the pros, first u gotta drift like a king… All the way across the milky way

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That has to be the stinger for F9 though so the space movie can be FX, just like Jason X.

I remember last week I came up with a trio of names that should be used for the last three movies in the franchise but I can’t remember them anymore. I think the plot was going to have to involve some event when the characters were younger (it would be no surprise to find out that everybody happened to interact with each other when they were young) and one of the movies was going to be called The Past of the Fast.


What does God need with a [ten second car]?


Smashing the blood potion forever imo


Past of the Furious is definitely the title for the one in which Han the Ghost comes back.

My money’s on Last of the Furious for #10.

Also watching the credits roll for rewatching 7 right now, that one’s better than I remember.


Han should drive Sung Kang’s IRL 240z when he shows up.

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Why not both?


why not the CLASH of the FURIOUS

when does dom become Xander Cage

what if the plot is that charlize theron’s character clones dom enough times to account for xXx/The Pacifier/Riddick all being canon to FF. it’d make sense, a dom for every generation. maybe the end credits is just charlize theron and pam grier as Amanda waller discussing the future


sincerely hope that the “twist” in fate of the furious is that evil dom is actually xander cage

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