the FAST and the FURIOUS

the FATE of the FURIOUS

the FAT of the CURIOUS


the BEST and the BURLIEST



A film series that got great at 5.


true, but Tokyo Drift is an amazing artifact

actually all of the first set are, for different reasons. 2 Fast 2 Furious is probably the dumbest sequel to ever make enough money to still get yet another sequel, and thank god it did.

2F2F is the Freddy’s Revenge of manly vehicular action films


Already looking forward to the How Did This Get Made? episode for this movie.

Wild Speed: Ice Break hell yeah


I still haven’t seen F&F but yeah they are all kind of amazing but still bad and somewhat boring.

How Did This Get made isn’t very good :sadpig:

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the one for Punisher War Zone is good for introducing me to the amazing manic energy of Lexi Alexander. I really wish Hollywood was less stupid and she was able to keep making feature length movies exactly the way she wants to. I guess her TV episodes are considered decent though? It still seems like a short leash for someone with such intensity though.

actually, fuck it, I’m going to stay on topic and say I wish she had been allowed to direct a F&F movie. That would have been incredible.


I love and cherish these movies


me too, this is the greatest Comic Book franchise ever made. how do these things keep getting more incredible looking?

i think about how, at a certain point, the Marvel & Disney Comic Book Star Wars franchise movies made these days will never really be Bad in the sense of being poorly made or even offensively awful, but they’ll also never be that interesting in a way something like F&F movies are. the kind of bombastic scenes they just go with, how the Franchise itself pivoted and rolled into a different genre all together, while all still feeling somehow connected (save for maybe the first one, which is just a straight Point Break reboot)

i get such a kick out of these things, the Rock and Vin D and the diverse super cast are American Treasures

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The wikipedia page says this is a podcast that mocks bad movies, but a good amount of movies in the list of episodes aren’t even bad.
Kinda grasping there, huh.

The wikipedia page isn’t accurate. They enjoy and recommend a lot of the movies they review because of their level of ridiculousness. Just this week they recommended Grease 2. They also love and admire the Fast & the Furious franchise and have reviewed and recommended all of the series.

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They also always seem to have watched every movie a month before they record the podcast, and possibly drunk, despite claims to have seen them recently.

Plus they’re not funny.


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i used to listen to HDTGM before i found out about the Flop House podcast

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To my ears, HDTGM is Jason Mantzouks screaming “what the fuuuuuuck” for an hour, June Diane Raphael manifeting the twentieth season-of-a-sitcom one-dimensional version of her actual self, and Paul Scheer endlessly posing the question of how he has a career in comedy. I mean, it’s not for me.

I think you mean

it’s bonkers

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Oh yeah. That. I couldn’t pull what he actually says.

man imagine if the next fast and the furious was like jacob’s ladder and it all happened before Paul Walker’s last breath.

why isn’t it F8 of the Furious cmon now

really though fuck trailers for trailers you can’t get away with this shit either vin and co