oh shit

maybe that is meant to be sort of subliminal? that’s actually kind of subtle for this franchise

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Pretty sure the Rock uses #F8 for the movie, so relax bro.


Step aside Marvel, the real civil war is here.


Those two were never super buds though so it doesn’t really work on an emotional level unless the team is splitting down the middle too. If that’st he case I think that would have been a better image to feature on the poster.

Now if it had been Vin and Paul? :doomdie: :doomdie: :doomdie:

Edit: I don’t know why this is “replying” to ronk’s post.

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The synopsis I read is that Cipher (Charlize Theron) is tempting Dom back into a life of crime after Mr. Nobody and Hobbes clear their records. This seems to fit with the shot of them in the trailer.

No bama_boi yet tho I need my dagumi in his Evo IX.


Are they getting a divorce?


Now that Brian is gone the field is clear for them to kiss at the end of this one.

I think Letty would be cool with it.


Okay, that’s great.

His sword

His shield

The true Dark Knight.


This will be the greatest film of all time.


an entire movie born of vin wanting to be the statham

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the hype is real and it is intoxicating

i am absolutely not discounting the idea that there is a Vin Disel robot doppelgänger in this movie

this franchise is America’s Greatest Export

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What The Hell.

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what a great title but I still think they should of ended it with 6, they’ll never top that ending and it’s just going to be weird without brian. how would he not immediately grab his gun and hop in the car the minute he heard dad is out fucking around and turned heel. the rock has only been part of the team for like 5 minutes. it does look more interesting than 7 though.

every time one of these movies comes out the entire town I live in goes to see it and once I saw somebody who had a sticker on their back windshield that was some dedication to paul walker. the only time I ever felt anything resembling pride for this shithole.

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this can keep being a F&F thread or whatever but I just want to interrupt with a brief message concerning something else that is most definitely my shit

i don’t understand how anyone other than me as a daydreaming preteen could have conceived of anything more perfect than merging saturday night live / vaguely hip comedians in general and ducktales

true, would have been more my shit if it was sandler/spade/farley as nephews, mike myers as scrooge, and phil hartman as everyone else

but i’ll take it?

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I thought Wild Speed: EURO MISSION was pretty bad, but Wild Speed: MEGA MAX was great.

I’ll probably watch Wild Speed: SKY MISSION next, and this one when it comes out because the trailer Looks Good


“what if we crossed world war z with choro-q”



F&F series is prequel to pixar’s Cars confirmed

“Don’t turn your back on family”
–Dom literally turns his back on family–

I love everything about this

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I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie already.


yeh, i’m a little miffed they revealed the whole automatic driving cars thing. i feel like every f&f movie has to have some insane groundbreaking vehicular stunts that outdo the last movie, and the ice tank / submarine stuff looked too hokey to really fill that role, so i knew they were holding something back. now it kind of feels like there’s nothing to look forward to. though tbf the others in the series have also done this w/ their trailers