the (war)craft

I started playing vanilla World of Warcraft on a private server because apparently I hate myself, don’t tell the cops

every WoW sub comes with a free 5150

today I am playing the 15k person deep queue to get onto my world of warcraft classic server. yesterday I never logged off. the optimal way to play this game is either to 1) not sleep until you die IRL, or 2) make sure you get in queue about 6 hours before you want to play, and then hope you time it correctly (and also never get DCed from the log in servers).

just do what I did and roll onto the server with (relatively) no one on it and just chill out

no, I’m not going on a PVP server, no, I’m not going on a streamer server

what is a streamer server

imagine you are a popular streamer

imagine you pick a server and tell everyone who watches you

imagine all of those idiots rolling onto that server to play with/gank you

Are the streamers coalescing around a few servers so the contamination is isolated? Does the game client need a way to warn players away from certain quarantined servers?

The game client has 10,000 person logon queues so,


streamers tend to party up with other streamers, and vanilla doesn’t have cross-realm play, so it’s highly likely that cliques of streamers will share the same server and their followers will try to follow suit

too late for that, most people chose their server two weeks ago and server moves (afaik) are paid?


I can tell we’re almost to PAX because I saw a lady wearing a tshirt that just read, “INFLUENCER”, while walking to the bus


there was some politicking around this. when blizzard announced the initial server wave, there were a whole 4 NA PVP servers. no one wanted to play with streamers because of the waste they’ll inevitably lay to the long term stability of a server, so everyone tried to claim servers as “no streamer zones.” the streamers decided not to be dicks about it, so they ended up voluntarily quarantining themselves on faerlina. that left 3 servers for normal people. one of those went to the brazilian population. that left one PST and one EST pvp server for everyone in north america. as you might imagine, that became a problem in about 2 seconds. there are far more servers now, but the damage was done. people don’t like leaving servers once they’ve convinced all their friends and guildmates to play on them and then gotten their names reserved. but all that barely matters anyway, because of the 10 or so servers blizzard has added in the two weeks since then, all but like 1 are damned to the queue hell, because blizzard not so secretly thought everyone totally loves battle for azeroth they just didn’t know they loved it and trust me that game is going to blow up any second now.

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I have a level 7 mage resting in the inn at Goldshire, it is truly 2004 all over again

I didn’t even log out at an inn, I was on grinding mobs with my brain 100% off until the servers shutdown. level 17. if I was good at leveling I probably would’ve made it to 20, which was the goal.

Oh I just go around and play the actual quests and try to avoid killing mobs I don’t have to. Leveling is fun

well yeah I’m doing quests you can’t just solo grind as a priest that shit is torture. I guess I did just pure grind the last half of level 9, but that’s about it. and some quests are purely grinding zones anyway, they put you in a place with reasonable mob density and tell you to get 8 drops at a 10% drop rate. that’s grinding.

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oh also I only play WoW with friends. You need friends man. Roll on whatever the hell server I’m playing on, it starts with a P I think

i’m in a guild. we had 80 people online at 4 in the morning, just most people level solo because coordinating ironclad hours for a group is not fun. then you do coordinate and one person gets in the server, 1 person is stuck in an hour queue, and the third is stuck in a 10 hour queue. no more group.

that said, our guild had a few fixed groups that ended up well ahead of everyone else. if you can do it it works, especially early.

A guild is definitely not friends

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