The Simple and Clean Kingdom Hearts Thread





Einhänder Stäff

that’s an extremely cool thing to tout though at any rate, it’s a part of their history you’d think they don’t remember


Nomura was a big fan of Einhänder and he’s looking forward to checking it out when it’s done.

This is a v.relaxed feeling quote for being from only 6 months ago.




It is maybe the closest the game gets to being a game FOR KIDS! You have a big open world space area that you can somewhat clumsily explore. You can’t spin 360 in any direction except left and right. There are secrets below and above you that you have to move forward and keep tilting up or down to go that way.

You can find treasure or bosses or eliminate all the enemies random battles.

It is passable. I have played Euroshmups that are worse but it’s not like Eihander.


I am absolutely convinced that this game is going to end with Sora dying.


I got a pretty big spoiler concerning the FF characters. there are none in the game, which makes me sad and I can’t understand it


This tilts me so hard mostly because the biggest draw for me to Kingdom Hearts was to fight or interact with Final Fantasy characters in an action game. The disney part was kind of just a plus for me.


Although it’s a letdown, it’s hardly a surprise. I think the last time they had any was in BBS, and that was just one, Zack. There’s the TWEWY gang in KH3D though and there’s some interesting things to say about the position of the Nomuraverse in KH3 but I’m gonna abstain for now.

So, some people did a very good job of last-minute-hyping me for KH3 but I’m doing this the marathon way, ie right now I’m playing the KH1 Final Mix PS4 remaster and I’m gonna go through 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, the whole thing (but just the PS4 versions, ie I may be watching the provided 358 and Coded cutscene compilations but I’m not gonna replay 358 or play re:Coded on the 3ds). Also I’m not gonna do the postgame super megabosses. That way I think I may be stepping into KH3 in about two weeks, although that may be a little optimistic.

And I’ve gotta say, it feels like coming back home. I’ll dedicate a later post in explaining how I still like KH1 and it may even be my favorite but for now I’m gonna mention the other side of the coin which is that that remaster is kinda crappy in places.

Not mechanically, that’s fine, they reworked the camera controls so it’d be less janky than the original (but no the camera itself, sadly), but on the technical side I don’t quite like some of their texture upscaling choices and I wish there was an option to play with the original textures. Ah well. Also, the 4:3 to 16:9 conversion for real time cutscenes was done in a kinda brainless way (just cut the excedent) so there are moments where parts of faces or objects are out of frame.

Still, so far it’s a magical experience and I’m all in awe of things like how it’s actually Squall that gives you the thing for summoning Simba (really, that’s super clever), and other things like that. There’s no denying that the crossover idea was ridiculous in the first place but they really made it work unexpectedly well.


I once was as optimistic as you. It gets to be a LOT to take in at a certain point. Godspeed.


Yeah, I’m probably tragically underestimating the lengths of RE:CoM, BBS Final Mix and Dream Drop Distance HD, that plus I’m playing KH1 in proud mode (and intend to do the same at least for KH2 and BBS and maybe 3D) and while it’s making combat and especially bosses a lot more interesting it’s probably adding a fair bit of time to it all.


CoM is a lot longer than I would have thought, what with the whole second playthrough with Riku.


I just opened the first route to Hollow Bastion. I’d like to get the Hercules cup done before heading there but Cloud’s being a bit of an obstacle. Still, pace is good.


For your own sanity play on a lower difficulty for 2. The combat is not tight enough to torture yourself.


God this game!

Monsters Inc world sucked! But had one or two nice visuals and that was about it??

Frozen world so far is incredible.


I wanted to finish it tonight but it looks like I’m underleveled for the final boss (for that matter the whole final level was quite a challenge). Will grind a bit and try again tomorrow.


Going through a youtube video of all the secret videos in the history of KH, and it struck me how hard they missed the entire appeal of the original deep dive videos. You had a whole game of hanging out with Disney characters, and then the final stinger is of Trenchcoats! Neon! The Keyblade War!

And yet most of the later secret videos are are just Whoa did you know Character X talked to Character Y one time that you didn’t know about before?! If your secret video isn’t spawning a dozen dozen fanfics based on nothing then you have failed.

I do, however, appreciate how KHII.8’s secret video was just scenes from KH1&2 cut up and edited together like a teaser video.


Totally agreed although I’m guessing that the base that’s hardcore enough to even unlock those videos are the types to care more about characters with names like Xemnas than the secret machinations of The Emperor’s New Groove or whatever.


Protip: the relationships between characters are way more important to Nomura etc. than the overall plot. Even the secret trenchcoat scene at the end of KH1 was about this. This is also how FF15 happened.