The Simple and Clean Kingdom Hearts Thread


Man holy shit the end of this game definitely got some tears like three or four different times.


I finished KH1 on friday evening (and for all my use of fancy tactics in prior fights the best method to beat up the final boss was to get up in his face and spam cure and aero). Had some guests during the weekend so I’ve only played 3 levels of re:CoM and hooo boy, it’s not a good game. Long ago when I played the GBA version I played it on emulator and cheated like mad, but no such shenanigans this time. But I’m sure I’ll figure out how to break the card system sooner or later.


I’m still amazed that by the end, every Kingdom Hearts game* has a part in this game’s plot. To confirm this, I went and downloaded the phone game (Kingdom Hearts Union χ) last night and man, yeah, OK, there’s some plot stuff here. God this series is so weird.

*: Except maybe Coded, which is OK because that one is pretty much nothing at all plot or people wise. I mean, Coded is nuts in itself, because Data Sora and the Datascape become a thing, and Kingdom Hearts gets a Matrix running in Chip and Dale’s Babby’s First Computer. But that game only really gets a shout out near the beginning of the game and isn’t really returned to.


just reached the clash with some Titans in Kingdom Hearts III

i get the impression that the devs want me to feel hyped and empowered, but even with all these tutorials i’m still fumbling with the menu/lock-on/camera, mashing X, and spamming dodge


Hit the Yay Button more.


I’m up to Destiny Islands (12th floor out of 13) in Chain of Memories. Progression has become better now I’ve understood that the real key in that game is constantly using sleights to deny your opponent actions. The extreme version of that, the lethal frame sleight which freezes your opponent and does tons of damage, seems to be a total boss killer. I’m happy to be nearing the end and unhappy that I’ll still have the Riku side to deal with since It’s already a game that’s stretched way too thin without having to go through it twice. I kinda remember the card system’s not as easy to break with him, too. We’ll see.


OK, so far (first five floors) the Riku side is actually pretty fun since it’s more about finding the right rhythm to break enemy cards and go into devil trigger.


Yeah, the Riku side is way more enjoyable, and a lot quicker.


Have you gotten access to Riku’s whole duel system that they added to the 3D version? It gets so ridiculous if you double down on abusing it and realise that you can easily win any duel 90% of the time by just mashing X since reloading you deck is near instant.


I’ve neglected it because it is a finger puzzle far too complex for my meager abilities and it took me a long while to even pass the duel tutorial. All in all I feel the card/real time fight combination is an abject failure and everything goes far too fast for me, I can’t look at both the cards and the fight most of the time. In this respect there’s a huge discrepancy between standard fights and bosses, simply because normal enemies can’t break 10+ sleights.

It’s nice that organizing your cards into decks you can just mash through gets hugely rewarded but I feel at the same time it demonstrates how futile the system is in the first place. Thus that new info you provide on how to break the duels in the same way is sure to come useful.


completed Olympus and (i assume) the first round of Stuff Happening at Twilight Town

i think this might be as far as i go, at least for the time being. i tried to go into it with an open heart mind, but i’m just not invested enough in what happens next to wade through twenty hours or so of Disney worlds


I defintely found the first 10 hours of this experience the best part and the amount of screaming I did is proof of my 60 dollars.

It eventually settles into being a better than before Kingdom Hearts game.

I am pretty comfortable leaving it at 35 hours.


I did a bunch of the extra post game stuff and got the Ultima Weapon and beat the hardest extra fight in the game and damn this was still some good times. No way I am trying for that Platinum on this though, noooope.


I’m going for the plat, I’m already over half way there


who the fuck is aqua


Main character from Birth by Sleep.

Edit for more info: Birth by Sleep takes place 10 years before KH1, involved Aqua, Terra, and Ventus trying to become Keyblade Masters. It is also basically kinda the main plotline of KH in a lot of ways, with Sora almost being an accidental sidestory.


Reading as a whole story and not a bunch of nonsense stapled together those three also dump everything on kairi, sora, and Riku when they are six years old to clean up their mess. Particularly Sora. But also Kairi was in Disneyland world when she was little for unknown reasons.


post can’t be empty


I am sad Leonard Nimoy is dead. Xenanort’s replacement VA has an accent somewhere between Scottish and ESL Chinese.


Yeah, it’s Rutger Hauer trying to do Nimoy, and it’s a little weird.

Also just got the secret ending last night and ahhhhhh haha.