The Simple and Clean Kingdom Hearts Thread


all characters in this game are comprised of four textures:

  1. twill
  2. pebble grain leather lookin thing
  3. metal


that verum rex scene is the funniest, pettiest thing in the world


Watched my roommate play up to where you get the cooking buffs so KH is full anime game now. As a viewer, this is such a video game when there’s things to do. Hardly a minute goes by where you aren’t doing some kind of crazy video game action. I’m almost scared to see how many hub elements are going to be on the screen by the time the game ends. Now you get to select different context attacks if you have more than one available. There’s a form change mechanic that puts you back in the KH2 outfit and you do some of the magic attacks. Apparently Sora got a stand ability that just lets him summon the electric light parade version of disney rides. I think the favorite one I saw was summoning a splash mountain cart where you draw a path on the game field and it creates a river that you draw and the water looked amazing for being user created and following the flow of the land. After drawing a path you just zip across bashing things in the way. The last time I felt this visually over stimulated was playing Bayonetta 1 on my first playthrough. This game wants you to press buttons and see pretty things. I might be swayed to get back on the KH boat, shoddily patched plot holes and all, for this dopamine drip.


wow, that is some praise you’re giving this game!

Don’t make me consider playing this, since i never have played any KH game after making it in the first one up to the alice in wonderland setpiece before selling it off… or rather trading it for FF9 with a guide, one of the better trades i’ve made, re vidyagems.


Why are there LCD games for Sora’s smartphone?

Also holy hell this game really is trying to include every KH game. This is amazing.


How is this game delivery everything I wanted in a Kingdom Hearts and so much Disney fanservice I am screaming about every 10 minutes. This is close to ZeroRanger levels of joy but it requires my exact life experience.


Update 5 hours in the screams have been continous.

Only now I am screaming because I hate Randy Newman.


You got a friend in me, Rudie


That’s…that’s great Cuba. T-t-thanks. I like you too.


Now kiss.

It’s good to hear that the game doesn’t disappoint!



all the good noise about kh3 has me feeling psycho enough to try and play through the whole shebang leading up to it even though i know i’ll stall out immediately.


I’ve been listening to Waypoint’s “explainer” podcast and laughed so hard it hurt when Austin said Laura Palmer is a princess of heart and Agent Cooper got norted.


I tried that half a year ago but not because of 3. I noped out of 1 pretty quickly. The controls are just… No


I think crossfit guys should make the Sora Jump a competition exercise. Jump three feet in the air and get into a squat before touching the ground.


Nier jump


You could also listen to my podcast doing that…:frowning:


tHeRe’S a SnAkE iN mY bOoT


For a counterpoint @botagel doesn’t like it all.


I need to know if the gummi ship stuff in this is actually good. Did putting the Einhander team on it work?