The Simple and Clean Kingdom Hearts Thread


The Kingdom Hearts chat has been growing around here because some how the third (read ACTUALLY 9th or 10th) game is finally coming out, and even the theme song for the new one is a silly crossover:

Music for the trailer featured excerpts of the brand-new original Kingdom Hearts III opening theme song, titled, “Face My Fears,” produced in collaboration with internationally renowned singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada, eight-time Grammy Award winning artist Skrillex and acclaimed record producer Poo Bear. The song will be available on Jan. 18, 2019.

But yeah, I am just starting this thread to coral KH shit as much as possible, because otherwise it will infect everything. KH is a virus.



so fuckin bananas

so fuckin kingdom hearts


the only thing I have to add to this is that I liked Simple and Clean up until I listened to the English lyrics and went “what is this crazy nonsense”

perhaps ignorance is bliss, which is why I will continue avoiding KH


Twelfth, not counting the remasters and the bonus chapter.


How are you getting 11 so far?

We have:

  • KH1
  • Chain of Memories
  • KH2
  • Coded
  • 358/2 Days
  • Birth by Sleep
  • Dream Drop Distance
  • Chi (the upside-down X one) (One could argue that Chi Back Cover is separate as apparente it adds some stuff , but.)
  • 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

which is 9 (with the last being debatable because it is basically a demo). Sure there are remakes and movie versions, but I don’t tend to count those as separate games, so what are you adding to the list?


If you want, I suppose you could add in the later versions of TWEWY, in which KH characters show up, so I guess that could bump the count.


There’s an old Disney-made mobile KH that everyone has forgotten because it was crap and not part of continuity, and Kingdom Hearts Mobile, a social oriented game. You’re right that 0.2 is debatable, though.


I’ll certainly watch some parts of Let’s Plays of this game just to get a feel for it and see some wacky stuff. So if anyone here wants to do that I’ll gladly watch your stream/videos


Mobile doesn’t really have any story stuff in it, and launched along with Coded, which is where the story stuff is. This probably explains why everyone (self-included) doesn’t bother with it, but you are right, it does exist.

Man, that VCAST Disney-made mobile game sounds weird as hell, as it takes place in a nightmare Sora caused by Maleficent, but like Mobile, this story never gets referenced in the other games, which sure seems like a good idea.


The problem is that the wacky stuff often isn’t in the actual playing parts of the game, but really in the beginning and end of the games. The middle tends to be a lot of replaying Disney movie plots, only by hitting things with a giant key.


I guess that’s right. I only played through the first game, though


Yeahhhh i am ready!!


There is a now many years old Hinge Problems about Kingdom Hearts maybe I will relisten to myself soon.



What. When did this happen?


I think it was in the mobile port of TWEWY? But it definitely is in the Switch version.


as a dumb preteen I thought simple and clean was great, but now as a dumb adult it just makes me think of odorless laundry detergent.

are there any decent plot recaps for the kh series? I’m kinda interested in playing this but I haven’t done any kh since 2 came out.


I can plug my own podcast here,Labyrinth of Worlds, or the episode of Hinge Problems that Rudie linked above. Honestly, I don’t know how much extra plot you are going to need for 3 except maybe the understanding of the existence of the 3 characters in Birth by Sleep (who are the knights from the secret ending to KH2). I can try to write a recap of it so far here later, but that is going to be…complicated.


huh, OK.
i loved the DS version of this game for its approach, but never looked back, even though i technically could play it now, no longer win phone et al… but somehow, i hsve seen all there was, and don’t feel the urge to go back.

Nomura X Disney X SQEX2018 sounds like you never can be sure what you’ll be encountering, so i will be sitting on my fence and wait for a good while…


I think Booji is doing an excellent job with his recaps.

I feel like any video recap is going to take it too seriously and try to red-string it which doesn’t work.