The News Grandmaster 4000

CliffyB’s studio is kaput.

and at a time when epic somehow has the most popular video game in the history of humanity. whoops.

I didn’t realise he wasn’t still at Epic tbh

No tears for the rich

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I mean obviously 50 DKP plus for using Andrew but you stopped literally right at the best part of the god damn song guys

Nintendo isn’t making a new F-Zero because they’re mad that their grand master plan to make F-Zero into a huge franchise blew up in their face

do you remember the F-Zero anime?



I do

no one remembers anything about the show other than FALCON PUNCH, a widely distributed clip easily taken out of context

the fact that the entire show got subbed is a miracle but no one is going to sit down and watch 50 episodes of Nintendo bullshit, a thing I’ve heard even Japanese F-Zero fans won’t even do


star fox fucking sucks, let’s be real. it’s some true Z list shit, why do we keep trying to bring it back every 5 years in different hands.

like star fox 64 was a pretty decent game, but every other game in the series is trash and there is nothing about the ugly characters or their stupid stories that anyone could possibly give a shit about, and that’s taking into consideration that fucking weird fan made tv pilot thing


Star Fox Assault is good if you squint hard and turn you neck to the side

People hate, hate, fucking hate the on-foot stuff but those levels are incredibly good when you realize you have to be racking up as fat a chain as possible and you get into a thing where you’re constantly zipping from objective to objective and switching from on foot to vehicles and speeding around the map and keeping that combo meter full

Damn shame only one level really gets to that but it’s amazing to play when everything lines up


I didn’t ask for it but okay I’ll take it.

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SNES StarFox is great.

The idea of caring about the fiction though is just. I mean I guess it was Intro to Furriedom for SNES kids who didn’t have a Genesis?

what’s not to like, they got metal prosthetic legs to deal with g-forces draining the blood down to their feet


Stalker 2 got announced which is extra exciting after that group of ex-stalker devs got me excited only to reveal they were making stalker PUBG


I could do without the magic hand powers. But otherwise-----looks pretty good. And Im assuming it will use Vulcan on PC. Another big game for Vulcan is a great thing.



Several times today I’ve excitedly opened a Kickstarter update to learn the game is delayed to 2019 :sweat_smile:


delay everything except DDD and Barkley 2

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