The News Grandmaster 4000


Edit: I just noticed that they have a link to a demo:


The aesthetic is A+++ and it’s from Norwegian communists who want to feed the poor with the rich so sign me up


What the hell that looks outrageously cool


This has a super sick look and it immediately made me think of dragon quarter


Cat Shit 2077



M2 doing the software for it. Yuzo Koshoro on the menu music.

Probably just gonna give in and buy this thing.



Beautiful (Bastards)


I lol’d irl



i was literally just saying all i need is some decent menu music so yeah i’m sold


unrelated but chris kholers profile there looks extremely sports writer to me


I…literally play it y’all. Can tell you everything you want to know.


how are the graphics


people on twitter are saying that the western version come with a 3 button pad? incredibly stupid if true


yeah i’ve only read one place that said 3 button for the west version, but that is a dealbreaker if you can’t plug any old usb controller (read: a usb 6 button genesis/saturn pad) into the thing. then again, the JP mega drive version is probably going to be the one we’d all want anyway.

emulation has to be really good for me to be interested, though. i have a full genesis rom set running through launchbox, with whatever controller I want to use. and the mega sg exists if you want to go premium.


While it sucks they’re sold separately I cannot imagine that they will not be compatible with the other retrobit controllers.

@Rudie tested them and said they were Retrobit, he might know more than I.


Rudie reiterating impressions

  • 90% sure the controller (USB) are just the ones from retrobit (and felt as solid as the real thing)
  • mode button brings up OS Menu
  • save states load states
  • the menu music is incredible
  • the emulation seemed great and beautiful
  • I want one


Does the Japanese Mega Drive version have 3 or 6 button controllers?