The News Grandmaster 4000


Small bit of good news, at least. Still feels like getting off light.


Let’s not


Uhm, okay.


“In Barriss’ case, the prosecution had reportedly requested a 25-year sentence, while the defense team requested 20 years.”

Jesus christ federal courts are so depressing



New Sakura Taisen trailer is out and it looks dope:


am I supposed to feel bad for this guy, or something?


I think his point is that the idea of actively debating between the specific bidding offers of 20 years punishment vs. 25 years punishment on someone’s life is depressing. Like, they’re arguing whether or not to spare 5 years of a man’s life when they both admit he’s guilty; that’s depressing in its pettiness.


I mean it sounds like the person whose dead here was actually murdered by your heroes in blue nedge


No, I don’t expect you will.


save your pointless obstinacy for an actual enemy, you’re wasting your time chasing ghosts


Does this mean no more “I remember when, back on insert credit” posts then


Let’s stop this particular train right here, if you don’t mind.


but they’re the only two people on the forum who sound like something out of The Searchers when they fight


the market price of an Artifact fullset has actually gone up slightly somehow since the announcement Valve made today that they weren’t going to do anything for what Valve says is “a significant amount of time” (i.e. biblical)

guys, Artifact

delete this


speculative collector value. christ, it’s perfect in its insular, imitative religiosity


The Megadrive Mini is good.


Fucking Herzog Zwei Sega Ages Y’all.

Fucking G-Loc.

And as heard on a Hinge Problems Shinobi Arcade.


Huh, that’s interesting… apparently Wonder Boy is included as well, but I was fairly sure the reason they took the games off the Switch Mega Drive collection was because Sega let the rights lapse and someone else snapped them up


Nice to see someone adapting the character design aesthetic from The Last Express finally