The News Grandmaster 4000



it processes blasts i thought this myth was busted


the guy who made cart life released his 19th century typing romance game


Unless it’s an April Fools joke, Granzella is kickstarting an R-Type Final 2.


Granzella put more effort into their April Fool’s jokes than their regular output so it’s difficult to tell, for sure. They could always be gauging reactions, like Arika did with Fighting EX Layer.


I miss Richard


the game looks cool but the first thing on the developer’s twitter is them complaining about property taxes so i’m wandering lol


well, no property taxes in communism



lol I didn’t know that. It’s not like I did any research on them obviously, that was just the vibe from the trailer. Although you do play as a cop, don’t you, so who knows they might be fascists


this was my first assumption tbh

I’m really hoping that you play as a cop but the overarching narrative involves uncovering extensive police corruption or something???

is that too much to hope for from a game where you are also a cat


I should really give R6 Siege one more try, at least this week.


they might be fascists

i hate that band



this machine might be fascists


SU&SD have been pretty craven lately about trying to gin up sales for friends’ products (which is effectively all of the good board games since they established themselves as the polished, progressive review site) when they like them at all but I’m still semi-seriously considering picking up a copy of this for Branson


Looks dope, would play.


To the two or three of us who have a Mega Sg - jailbreak is out, with Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, and, uh, Coleco support.


Remember when they said they wouldn’t review kickstarter games?

Anyway this looks like every overcomplicated mafia clone so I don’t get it.


it’s not the kickstarter thing I feel one way or the other about (perhaps people who are closer to the economies of game production feel differently about that, idk, but I wouldn’t really hold a change in policy there against them), but to be honest SU&SD increasingly make me think of, like … all the poor naive dummies who originally thought that gators were acting in good faith when they appeared to be criticizing the insularity of the industry.

because, like, SU&SD are unquestionably like the board games intelligentsia at this point, and by virtue of being so outwardly progressive (I remember they were getting DDOSed by reactionaries at one point for something Matt Lees wrote somewhere and they just paid more for DNS and soldiered on, which was very admirable) and having such decent production values they, as near as I can tell, have come to be on friendly terms with pretty much everyone in the industry. and when they like something, they really, really, really like it, and they praise it to the nines, and by virtue of being a glossy youtube channel they come awfully close to just coming across like a sales pitch. I wish they were more embarrassed about that, I think? but I also think that most of the creators they wind up endorsing have probably been vetted and are as deserving as you or I might want; if only they didn’t always seem to make up their minds about the endorsement before they set about reviewing the game.

it’s a funny arms length for me to hold them at because I have very similar tastes to them, including a bias in favour of social/deduction stuff (though I think the overcomplicated meta of everyone needing to know the different roles for the game to really shine is a big problem for mafia clones and this one seems to have embraced that rather than address it), I obviously share their politics in principle, I appreciate that they originally approached board game reviews from the perspective of valuing their own time and weren’t afraid to be somewhat biased, and I too am a blandly straight guy who can be overly enthusiastic about things I like. I think my saving grace is that I’m really very turned off by positivity.