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The simple solution is to stop buying games on Steam and opt for marketplaces that have 1) good mobile support, 2) offers a better cut to developers.

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I really, really want developers who put their games on sale on Steam to put them on the same sale on itch, btw.

But is the best and I am buying everything I can from there now.


I’m frankly surprised that doesn’t happen often, considering how easy it is to do sales on itch, even setting them up in advance (and devs get advance notice of Steam sales, which is why the dates always leak)


it doesn’t load a mobile stylesheet for you? it does for me and they work OK

their actual iOS app hasn’t been updated in a dog’s age but unless you need the authenticator for trading cards or something just uninstall it and the website is fine


It’s such a hassle to set up sales periods for the twelve stores you’re in and maintaining support for three or more titles, especially when putting a game on sale on itch will net you 0 sales for the five minutes of work.


I mean, when you’re on Steam, it essentially cannibalizes sales from any other outlet. And it doesn’t necessarily make up the slack.

Look, I’m not saying getting off Steam is the smartest business choice in the short term.


Sure. It’s tough that to even know how much you should push something like itch in your outreach because even though you get a higher cut, people are less likely to respond.

And so much of itch’s value is due to its small size, so there’s a part that needs to be this hidden bookstore in the woods to hold onto itself.


Oh yeah, speaking of The Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls: Blades went live on the App Store late last night. They’re having a staged rollout though so I downloaded it and it told me it would send me a notification when they were ready to let me play. :confused:


Looks like Microsoft is sick and tired of Notch’s nonsense


“Nonsense” is probably too charitable a description for Notch!




Borderlands 3: The Fourth One is a thing.

Love how this article mentions Gearbox’s past two flops.

Also apparently they’re remastering Borderlands 1.

Randy Pitchford remains a trash human being.




What is this? The trailer is not very informative. Looter shooter roguelike that looks a bit like Phantasy Star Online? It’s got me kind of interested




Risk of Rain is… hm.

Man, I have written and deleted and rewritten attempts at explaining it, here.

It’s a roguelike first and foremost. There isn’t “loot” the way you’re probably thinking. The core gameplay loop involves shooting monsters to get cash to spend to open boxes to get random powerups which last until gameover.

The random powerups are almost always interesting, and ALWAYS stack, no matter what.

When you find the exit to the level, you have to sort of ‘charge’ it by starting a countdown timer during which a boss monster will spawn. You have to kill the boss AND survive until the timer counts down to leave the level.

The entire time you’re playing, the difficulty slowly increases, so you’re incentivised to get through quickly, but going TOO quickly will leave you underpowered through not having picked up enough powerups. On the other hand, if you get ENOUGH powerups, you can laugh at the difficulty meter.

It really is not easily “X meets Y”-ed. Check out the first one, there’s much more info available for it that should help you get an idea for what it is.


Sounds quite interesting. I mean the only roguelike I’ve liked so far is Slay the Spire and that was a card game. But I haven’t given the genre much of a chance yet, so this might be my first foray. As long as it’s not balls hard like a soulslike…


same day as three kingdoms!


Ooh, it didn’t sound nearly that close from their last update when they mentioned cutting multiple characters. I guess they really did one first and were just envisioning the rest of the content production.


risk of rain was ok, but it would have felt a lot better to play if it used like, refilling power meters or something instead of telling you each thing’s cooldown time. that just feels so much like some soulless mmorpg thing